Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Smattering of Styles

I love Country, whether it is out & open spaces or style; I am drawn to the simplicity and comfort of a relaxed life. I've never been someone who is exclusive in decorating probably because I never had a strict style sense but decorated with what felt good and reflected who I am. One of the perplexing things for me has always been how to meld my love of country in with the clean simple lines and look that my hubby is drawn to. I think if we had a country home-farmhouse or Victorian it would be much easier because I'd decorate in the style of the house, but we've always lived in suburbs and only began to collect oak antiques over the past 20 years or so. So I guess you might say I have accent pieces that are country and I can't imagine dear hubby being content with lots of knick-knacks as was popular back when I began enjoying country. Yesterday I went to a ladies luncheon/Bunco game(for those who haven't heard of Bunco-it is a dice game similar to Yatzee) that a group of ladies who live in the same development host monthly. It is always fun to spend time with women and this group is no different. The gal who hosted yesterday's get-together has a new, contemporary home sitting on a lake. Apparently there are about 5 eagles nesting in this development this winter although we didn't see any.
What I loved about her home was although it was new and contemporary in feel she had many oak antiques throughout the house and a lot of country touches plus lots of quilts and wall hangings. They all looked so natural together and it gave me new ideas on how to mix my old with the more casual pieces. She had some beautiful elegant pieces as well, which wouldn't suit our lifestyle or family, but she was able to balance both styles well. The homes in this development are estate homes and as much as I enjoy seeing them, there truly is no place like home.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. My hubby has really never cared what I do with the long as he has a shop to go to. lol We have a mix match of things...because we could never afford to buy new or all one style. The older I get simple is good! I am sure you will decorate beautiful wherever you live. I have watched bunco, but was never brave enough to play.

  2. I wish I had seen what she did with her house - and I can't wait to see what will do!

  3. Kindred spirits for sure. Country and Victorian blended together...I love antiques and have a few in our home. I love the simplicity of country. We have an old Victorian home with a mix match of both.

    It's always interesting to see how others decorate their homes. I always get some neat ideas.

  4. I have always felt that regardless of what styles and patterns are used to decorate a home, what truly matters is the feeling they give the ones who live there. If the style conveys love and warmth to the family, then what the decorating experts or magazines recommend is not important.

    But I agree that it is fun to see other decorating styles and pick up ideas that can be developed into your own!

  5. Hello, So nice to meet you!!!
    Thank you for visiting with me today and your very sweet comment.
    I am enjoying visiting with you , you have such a beautiful family, please wish John a belated Happy Birthday for me and I think he is a very cool guy!!
    I so enjoyed your post on finding the right mix of styles for your home. I enjoy antiques, especially oak. I hope you will share them sometimes. I have a tendency to mix styles, everything except modern, my way of thinking is if you like it then do it. The most important thing to me is having a home not a house.I want a place where people feel welcomed and loved.And that is the feeling that i have gotten from fellow bloggers such as you. I am looking forward to getting to know you. Than you for sharing.

  6. I'd love to collect antiques but sadly our house ismore a modern tudor style so anything in that direction wouldn't look right but I'd love to see what houses generally look like where you live :-)


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