Monday, March 16, 2009

Sleep Overs at Papa and Nana's

Oldest daughter and her hubby had a get-away down to Colorado Springs yesterday and we had three of their four spend last night and today with us. Whenever the kids sleep over, Papa always creates a fort of some sort in the living room for them and this time was no different. It is an art form, to say the least and each time it gets better and better.
The boys are watching a video with their two cousins while little sister is sound asleep on the couch.
Sunday morning...a mix of sleeping bags and quilts.

This is the top of the fort-held up by wood and chairs and our couch. They all thoroughly love their time here, especially Papa's creations. As you can see, the fort takes up most of our living room and the kids love it this way. On a side note-our Faith had a very hard time being apart from her mom and dad; so this nana ended up sleeping next to her, all night long, on the ground with a quilt. It reminded me of camping except I didn't have an air mattress. The things a nana will do.


  1. Oh what sweet memories this brings back. My grandchildren use to love taking all the chairs and barstools and a big sheet and making forts to play in. It was such fun to watch them. These are wonderful memories. Hugs, Marty

  2. This brings back some wonderful memories for me too. We used chairs and the kitchen table often to make our getaway "hotel" for the kids. They loved it and each time it too got more elaborate. What beautiful memories for your grandchildren.

  3. The things a Grandma will do. I so agree. I think I would have had to find some kind of a cushion or I would not have made it.
    So are we going to get together for coffee this Friday? McDonalds or Starbucks here on North main....let me know.

  4. Noreen,
    Looks like you all had a great time!
    Miriam :)

  5. Now that is truly a good time for all!


  6. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! What fun!!

  7. How sweet! What fun you all had I am sure. Maybe the question needs to be asked...what won't a nana and papa do for their grandkids? Precious memories being it!

  8. Hello,
    This is absolutely wonderful, it seems your hubby is a keeper too!! I just loved this post!! It brings back so many wonderful memories!!!Thank you for sharing.


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