Friday, March 6, 2009

A Fun Find

For the last 30 years or so whenever we purchased new bedding, we went all out~you know what I mean...expensive comforters, pillows, sheet sets etc. I have always loved having our master bedroom done up elegantly but to often what has happened over the years is that we are very hard on furniture and comforters. This is probably due to the fact that we've always had at least two dogs and generally they sleep on the end of our bed. It was always difficult for hubby to see us buy such expensive comforters and then have the dogs up on it. Since we've lived in Colorado both of our dogs generally now sleep on the floor but will still join us at some point in the morning. This is part of our life, I love our dogs and so there isn't a big conflict with me over them being on our bed. Now that we've been retired we are definitely on a more limited income so I've become a tad bit more frugal. Our old comforter set was about 5 years old; we'd been waiting to replace it until we moved but since we will be staying put for a bit longer I decided, with hubby's approval, we needed a new comforter. Fast forward to looking for one that wouldn't break the bank, that we'd like and that I wouldn't fuss over the dogs being on. Yesterday I got a very inexpensive comforter at Target but it was so plain-loved the brown but it just didn't cut it alone. Today daughter and I ran to Marshall's and I found this floral, country style quilt that was even cheaper than the one I got yesterday. With everything I still spend at least half of what I used to spend and although it isn't in any way elegant, it is simple and country-just like I like. We never used to shop at Marshall's in California because the stores were always so dirty and there was never anything that was worth buying. I'm pleased to announce that here in Colorado I've been pleasantly surprised and it is becoming one of my favorite stores to check out if I need a good deal.
Most of our art work is still packed and will remain packed until sometime down the road we change homes but for now I think my bed looks very spring-like and I'm please with how it turned out. Thanks to my girl, Kim, for all her help.


  1. Oh, good for you! It is so much fun to get things that dress up the house.


  2. That is so pretty. Glad you were able to find something at a great price too.

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  4. It came together so beautifully Mom - I am so glad you are pleased!

  5. Nor, It looks beautiful! You know Molly distroys our bed covers every three months with sucking on them in her sleep, so the cheaper the better!!!

  6. Dear Noreen ~

    It does look so pretty and springlike! I think it makes for a lovely resting place!

    Sweet blessings on your day!

  7. This is too funny Noreen!! I bought a new comforter with all of the trimmings several months ago and bought a baby gate so I could keep the dogs out of my room during the day. Well, the gate was a garage sale find and was too high for me to step that quickly became a pain, and I haven't had my nice comforter on the bed since then!!

    What we do for our doggies!!
    Your bed looks pretty!!! And saving...well that's even better!!

    I'm off to email you.

  8. Noreen,
    Your bedding is very pretty! Even better that you found it at a good price.

  9. This is so pretty, and looks very nice. It's fun to find bargains!


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