Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday My Boy

Our oldest grandson John, named after his two grandfathers, turns 8 today. Happy Birthday John. He is a boy of character, quick wit, a servant's heart, a thinker and a part of the family that had enriched us all. It's hard to believe that you turn 8 years old today. It seems like you've always been with us filling our lives with joy.

Your creativity never ceases to amaze us, we fully expect you to be an engineer.
You possess so much of your mama's temperament, so deep and quiet and peaceful but all boy.
Your siblings and cousins adore you and want to do everything the same as you. You have quite the responsibility to carry in regards to their following you.
You servant's heart and loving hands make work light.
Best friends forever, brother's so different yet so much alike.
Papa and I are so proud of you; Papa loves building with you and spending time working on projects-I love watching who you are growing into and know the Lord has rich plans for your life.


  1. What an awesome post - he is just a tribute to the family!

  2. Happy Birthday to your boy. My oldest Granddaughter turns 7 on the 22nd. Loved the way you put the pictures together. You are a good Grandma!

  3. Happy Birthday to your boy. Are little boys sweet.

    You have something to pick up on my blog. Hugs

  4. I love that last picture, grinning, hugging brothers. Little boys are so precious.


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