Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Antique Clock

Yesterday hubby and I took our clock into a antique clock restoration store. The owner has a sterling reputation and we eagerly anticipated getting it back in working order, chimes and all.
When we walked in I told the owner that the clock had died and I wanted to get an estimate on fixing the problem. He proceeded to tell me that I should be so thankful it died and that if I knew anyone with a similar clock I should go over and unplug theirs. Although this clock was made in 1925, it was mass produced by General Electric and referred to as a "disposable"clock intended to last only about 20 years and then we thrown out. It is not the quality that I thought it was. In order to get it fixed, we'd have to install a battery operated clock and if we wanted chimes then an audio player of Westminster chimes. He would also have to drill holes in the bottom for the audio. We told him thank you very much but we'll keep it for sentimental reasons. Although it wasn't worth anything in value it certainly is worth its weight in gold in memories. Family dinners around our dining room table and the sentimental worth by our parents and my older sister. I am amazed and so very thankful that there weren't any homes that burnt down because of it~until 1 year ago it also told time and gave us beautiful music.
So now it will sit where it is and bring a smile to our face. If anyone out there has a similar clock with General Electric tags on the back you may want to seriously think about unplugging it for the safety of your family.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I'm sorry you couldn't get it fixed. However enjoying it as it is will always bring you wonderful memories. Thankfully the clock repair guy was honest.

  2. What a shame the clock couldn't be fixed, but what a gorgeous memory you have and how wonderful that it ran so long. I know you will enjoy it just the same. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh this makes me think of the chapter in Caddie Woodlawn where the circuit rider brings his clock to be fixed and refers sadly to it as the "dead face of an old friend". We have an antique mantle clock that is not working right now, and I miss winding it and it's steady tick and chimes so much. I just don't even know where to take it, it has been over a year already that it has sat silent on our shelf and I miss it.

  4. To bad about the clock. Kind of a crazy story. At first I thought the guy sounded mean....but I guess he really was being helpful. Have a great weekend.

  5. Boy, do I understand you attachement. I have kept an old radio my grandmother used to have on her counter. It is a piece of junk... priceless to me. Hugs.

  6. Yes what a shame, we don't have a clock like this but we do have my husband's grandfather's chiming clock which I love as it reminds me of happy nights when I stayed with my grandparents growing up, they had one too :-)

  7. Hi friend!! I'm sorry that your clock won't work again. It is wonderful to keep it though since so many wonderful memories are represented by it. I have the clock that me and my 5 siblings chipped in for to give for my parents 25th anniversary. It works, but has to be wound and I always forget, so now it is up on my plant shelf. It looks lovely there, and brings me joy to see it.

    Have a joyful week!
    I'll be in touch!!


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