Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things that make you smile

Recognize the look on Shannon's face? She doesn't have t.v. at her house so when they are over she is always asking to watch her favorite show-but doesn't understand that I can't choose what is on t.v., especially if I don't have the video she wants to watch.
Don't you just love this little outfit-but it pales in comparison to my little Mackenzie whose wearing it! I could just love up on her all day long.
Of course, today when I took my other group over to my friends to see their miniature horses, it made me smile to see Faith getting up on the back of one horse. This is the little one who is still unsure of dogs. 8-)
It made me smile today when hubby came home from the Safeway gas station announcing that he paid $2.27 per gallon....
It makes me smile to play with dogs, especially one cute little bundle of fur.
It makes me smile when I get to read all the wonderful Christian blogs out there and how they encourage and inspire me.
It makes me smile that I finished the top of the baby quilt today and my daughter Kim absolutely loves it!!!
It makes me smile to think of our Father's great love for us.


  1. Cute pics...yes we Grammies are truly the one on the horse.

  2. smilin' right along with ya. God is good.

  3. Our grandchildren only have 1 channel on their tv so they are sooooo excited to come to our house for CARTOONS. I am careful to only put on things like TOM AND JERRY. We finally have to turn it off or they would never move.


  4. Dear Noreen,
    What a lovely post! We have so many things to make us smile! Thank you for sharing that!!! God is so very good! The quilts you were given are so pretty. I would love to see what you are working on. I have made a few doll quilts and have a lap quilt top pieced, I just need backing and to begin quilting it. I am still learning.

    I pray your dream comes true and you will have a home in the country!

    Your grandchildren are beautiful, they are blessed to have you!

    Enjoy this lovely Autumn!
    The Lord bless you!


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