Friday, October 31, 2008

A Fun Filled Friday

Last night we had three young men descend upon our home to stay for a conference our church is giving. Unfortunately some of the group had problems with flights and hubby and I decided to stay up to meet them and show them where they will be sleeping while they are with us.
Two of the young men are brothers and still in high school and will be with us until Wed. and the other fellow is a bit older, from Australia and will be staying with us for three weeks. Today I started off a little slower than normal due to the late night but once I got to my youngest girls house we began running errands. I could actually tell her I understood, in a limited way, how sleep deprivation is so hard on moms. Having a month old baby as well as a child with GERD who doesn't sleep all night has drained my girl of her normal energy. As we drove on our errands we just put on the Praise music and sang our hearts out and that lifted our spirits in a way nothing else can do.
Later this afternoon our oldest daughter had to take their 10 mos old in for shots so while dear hubby did wood working with their two boys I got to play with their puppy Lily. She was such a bundle of energy at 4 mos old but finally she tired herself out and dozed in the sun. I read and even closed my eyes a bit until my girl got home. Tonight we will be answering the door to give the children treats and then getting to bed at a reasonable hour; having said that I wouldn't change a thing about my day except maybe go to our church service tonight and sing some more worship songs.
What a glorious life! May you be blessed with those things that make you happiest.


  1. What a wonderful and blessed day you enjoyed with loved ones :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your day sounds similar to mine. Family and Blessings (O:

  3. It was so much fun and what better place to be refreshed than at His feet....


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