Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Fun Night

We were blessed to have four of our seven grandkids over last night while Mom and Dad went out for coffee. Even dear little Liv, not quite one, enjoyed her time with us. Oh course our evening went something like this:
"Grandpa, lets play a game" says Ben
"o.k., go pick one out of the basement Ben"
Ben comes back with marbles and then big brother pipes in "let's have desert".
Nana quickly complies, scooping out vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce for Ben, Faith and Grandpa while John gets strawberry sorbet.
Marbles game is quickly over replaced by Jenga, which happens to be Ben's favorite game at our house. He is very adept at it and so passes time playing it with little sister, Faith, and Grandpa.
John and I watch Animal Planet but quickly turn t.v. off when the show gets a bit depressing.
After ice-cream, John says he is still hungry so we pop Popcorn. Then come Fruit Snacks.....but of course he is a growing boy.
Before you know it Mom and Dad are back and rounding up kiddos to take home. Grandpa and Nana are then kicking back after a good fun evening. WE wouldn't trade our time with the little ones for anything for we are blessed.


  1. Sounds so fimilar :o) Fun, but Tiring too. Mine are 1,Just turned 3, 4 almost 5 and 6. Really hard to play a game when they are all here. Sometimes it is just damage control lol, but like you I wouldn't trade it.

  2. May I link to your blog on my blog?

    If you choose to answer me please go to this link

    If you just click on dayphoto you will get the college blog which is monitored by the tech guys. The one is my personal blog.


  3. We really appreciated last night and the kiddos love it too! You are the best and we are thankful you are so close! :)

    Love ya

  4. Noreen,

    Last night sounded like a lot of fun and so special ~ how wonderful that you are close enough to do that sort of thing :o)


  5. Hi, I had a comment on my blog from you that said, Dear Linda. This is me, Grammy Pam. My 3 year old grand. likes to call me Grandma Pam. Think she likes to show off that she knows my name. It's not hard to confuse me...I am challenged most of the just giving you a hard time.


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