Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Denver Zoo

A wagon full of young Pioneers. John, Ben and Faith.

My youngest, Kim, and her family. The newest addition is in her arms.

Climbing adventures at the zoo; Faith, Ben and John.
Today was a free admission day at the zoo so most of the family trekked down to the Denver area to explore. Kim and her family had been there at the beginning of summer and kept raving about how wonderful it was compared to the San Francisco zoo. Unfortunately over the years the SF zoo has really declined and has fallen into disrepair. So we departed this morning and headed down there. WE were not disappointed in the least. Of course, I think most of the families in Colorado had the same brilliant idea as we did because it was so crowded. However, there is so much room to view the animals that it didn't bother us to wait a minute or two to view them. The exhibits are designed to look like the animals natural habitat so it kept us all engrossed in the sights. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful autumn day!

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  1. When I saw that first picture I knew right away what you had been up to. We have pics of my kids on the same wagon.(Twenty some years ago) I always take pics by the Giant polar bear too. We were busy taking pics today. Didn't know it was a free day. Love the zoo.


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