Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Memories of Autumn

As I've been looking at others blogs I continually see baking be one of the main themes this season. Today as we drove through the mountains to see new scenery, I reflected on years past when my girls were still at home. Autumn always signaled a new year for our homeschooling and new adventures in learning. We always had scented candles burning and would snuggle up under a throw and do lessons. Cooking was always part of our schooling, whether canning or baking, you could be sure our home smelled delicious. One Thanksgiving my brother and sister-in-law hosted a family reunion; there were probably 40-50 relatives in attendance. The girls and I baked mini loaves of chocolate pumpkin bread, decorated labels and gave each person a loaf. It was a wonderful way to show the true meaning of Thanksgiving and of gathering together. Now that my girls are grown and have families of there own, I admit I don't do much baking-not because I don't like too but the bread and pastries would gather at my waist. But today I thought, I really need to get back into the habit of baking home made muffins and breads even if it is just to pass on to my grandkids. So I look forward to cooking in the coming weeks along with my quilting; be forewarned that I will be posting pic's and recipes of those that turn out yummy. There is nothing that says love more than something made with your hands and heart.

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  1. yum. I have three pumpkins waiting here to be baked and pureed for muffins and pumpkin dip, and layered pumpkin cake, oh and pumpkin spice latte of course! Can't get enough of pumpkin and spices at this time of year! I linked to you on my blog, hope you don't mind.


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