Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been blessed by the best brother and sister-in-law(better known as the sister of my heart) than anyone could ever imagine. They have loved me through thick and thin and during those times when I wasn't quite so lovable. They have poured into the lives of our two daughters and their families in ways beyond imagination. They have always stayed in touch with all the cousins and often reach out and plan reunions. Susan has a gift in hospitality and has taught me much over the years and Rich is one of the friendliest guys around. So when they emailed us and told us they had planned a luncheon in San Francisco and would love it if we came, my hubby quickly put a plan into motion. He was on the Internet within a day making reservations for us to fly to our old state for an extended weekend. We wanted to bless and surprise Rich and Susan, to honor them for all they do for us and for our children&grandchildren. After reservations were made I called a cousin and told her we wanted to surprise everyone and found out the location of the restaurant. All the while, I didn't even respond to Susan's email and just played innocent. Well this last Saturday, John and I flew home and got to the restaurant before they arrived. It was so fun to watch them react; Susan wasn't sure who we were as we had our backs to her and my brother had one of those moments when you see someone who lives in another state and the mind goes into shock. All the cousins did a great job keeping quiet after we arrived and it was so much fun to visit with them. Although we only spent a few hours with them, it was so worth it and I can now honestly say "Gotcha" and giggle. Susan and Rich promise to get us back but we will see. Truly giving joy to them was as much a reward to us who have been so blessed by their love and friendship.


  1. We are still stunned by your ability to surprise us with your visit. It truly was a wonderful event because you and John were there- we love you for it!! But the "Gotcha" fun has just begun!!!
    See ya soon

  2. Dear Noreen,

    What a sweet time you must have had! It looks like such a blessing for all of you!

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely day,



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