Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Signs of Autumn

I truly enjoy all the seasons and look forward to the changing of weather with excitement. This will be our first Autumn in Colorado and although I may miss the reds,oranges and yellows that marked our area in CA. I look forward to new sights and adventures here. This week I have noticed more wind than before and our weather is definitely changing. Autumn always marks a time for fragrant candles and harvest decorations around our house. It also marks the start of football season and means that in the evening I can sit and quilt while hubby watches football. This year I am looking forward to getting up to the tundra in the Rockies to hear the Elk bugle and also see them rutt. I've been told that once you hear the sound you will never forget it.
September 1st always marks the day that I take down all of my patriotic decorations and put up most of my harvest decor. I do save some things for October and I love to spend time enjoying the beauty of God's world. This year my daughter is having a harvest party and we will be making batches of applesauce and giving them as gifts. I will undertake this with at least 4 of the grand kids; they've already sampled some organic applesauce I made Monday and we can all say that it was delicious. This year I imagine I will try to stock up on more items for our pantry in the event that we have an early winter. There are also lots of art projects to do with the little ones so I've got a lot to get ready.
May you find beauty in your life daily.
Harvest Blessings to you.

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  1. I went out and got harvest decorations today, while i had an hour to spare this morning!!

    Thanks for visiting WFW! and the dogs, they are cockapoo pups; they'll be minatures, the mom was 8-10lbs and the dad is about 10-12lbs.. apricot in color. I'm in canada though!


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