Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family Fun

Last weekend part of our family went on a short vacation to Utah. We had never been to this part of the country before so we set out to find fun family activities. Being that two of the grandsons are homeschooling now, it was natural to find things to do for their schooling. One of the places we went was Minnetonka Cave; it was so interesting to go view these geologic formations. We actually hiked down a total of 444 steps, a feet which in and of itself was quite challenging. At the bottom of the caves, the tour guide( did something that in all my years of exploring caves I've never experienced), turned off the spot lights leaving us in total darkness.
I can honestly say I didn't care too much for that feeling. Both boys successfully made the hike without any complaining and I was sure I wouldn't be able to walk the next day but didn't have any residual stiffness.
After this, we headed to a museum and tour dedicated to the Pioneers and the Oregon Trail. This was by far the best tour I've been on, in all my years homeschooling and teaching.
We were able to experience what the people had to buy and leave behind, purchasing supplies for the trail, a simulated wagon train and then walk through a campsite to see what it was like. All of this for only $9.00 per person and the living history that the children will remember.
When our daughters were young we were able to go on several cross country trips and see places instead of just reading about them; now this tradition continues. I pray the boys and all the girls too, will grow to love learning whether in real life situations or by reading about history.
Have a great day.

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  1. wow I've never been to Utah either :-)
    But i'd love to.


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