Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Many Hands, One family

Several months ago I happened to see a photo of one family and the woman's hands-I recall there were three or four generations. The photo was touching because it told a story of the bond of love, of family and of roots. About this time, Susan(sister-in-law)suggested that our family do a picture like this. I readily agreed and wanted to capture the life stories; today I muse that is what this blog is about. So this weekend while Susan was here we decided to take that picture, lest we forget or circumstances don't allow it in the future. The bottom photo is a picture of Susan, my daughters' and my hand-united in love. On the top, we simply added the little girls hands that will one day carry on our family traditions. Within that group will be a girl who loves to sing worship to our King, a girl given to hospitality, a girl who loves to create-either in quilting or textiles of some sort. There may be a writer, an artist, an animal lover. These girls will be the prayer warriors of the future and the ones who boldly proclaim the truth from God's Word. But these young girls will carry with them the legacy of family and dedication to those in our family.
I am blessed to spend time with each gal here, young and old and I cherish the time.


  1. I really love these two pictures. They will be treasures as you and I grow old and our hands get a little shakey and they will remind us of the bond women have.


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