Saturday, September 13, 2008


One of my favorite blogs is Holy Experience; Ann always makes me stop and reflect on the simple, deep truth in living this Christian life. Yesterday was no exception as she posted on her family's prayer bench and its importance in their lives. As I read the post, I reflected on how easy it is for us to forsake spending long periods of time in prayer, in our rush to live.
But to live is to linger in Him, in His Word, to listen for His voice, to embrace His presence and to take joy in knowing Him as our King and Savior.

This day, this week, this new month and season, take the time to sit in His presence and seek His face. " Once you see the face of God, the world is forever transformed into His Features." Peter Kreeft

Be blessed this day.


  1. Wasn't it moving!!! I just loved reading about her encouragement to have a prayer "spot" within your home - I think it is a great way to show such reverance for our King!

  2. Dear Noreen,
    Thank you for sharing this. I must go read that post, it sounds wonderful. I love the quote you shared.

    Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comments. Yes indeed, Pearl is our sweet poodle, and loves everyone she meets!

    Your blog is lovely!

    May the Lord bless you!


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