Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 Hello friends,  I had almost forgotten to post this today, until I saw someone else post.  This week has been different than most, filled with lazy, cold days and puttering around the house.  Today I got in and organized part of my sewing room and hope to start a new project soon.  We had plans to spend tomorrow evening with the family, but decided to stay home and have a quiet night instead.  Our game night will be postponed until another evening in January.  Well, 2020 was definitely a different year; one thing for sure is that I'm so thankful for taking the trip to go to Road to California with my best friend, purchasing a new, to me, Chevy Tahoe and then finding a trailer to go with it.  We had so many fun trips with the trailer this last summer, especially due to the horrid virus hitting our country.  Thankfully, we avoided it~but we certainly missed seeing our friends.  Our trip to Estes Park in January was such a hit for the whole family and the trip to South Dakota was the highlight of the fall for us.  Some dear friends moved out from California and they have a trailer, so we are hoping for many more trips with them this coming year.  In the works are Utah, South Dakota again and maybe even Montana.  Hubby and I had to cancel three trips this year~one to Hawaii that we rescheduled a second time and cancelled and also a cruise to Alaska.  Hubby is determined we'll get back to the Islands this coming year, but time will tell.  

I pray that you have a healthy and contented New Year and that the virus will slow down, if not completely vanish.  A girl can hope, can't she.  Blessings to you!



  1. This has certainly been a strange year, for sure. My husband and I are looking for a trailer as well, so many fun times can be had traveling in them! We are all hoping for better things in this coming year. Many blessings to you and a Happy New Year!

  2. Spending some time this afternoon catching up with blogging friends and so good to stop by yours. Sounds like a lot of great memories were made for you in spite of Covid this year. May 2021 be abundantly blessed for you!


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