Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 Hello friends,  I had almost forgotten to post this today, until I saw someone else post.  This week has been different than most, filled with lazy, cold days and puttering around the house.  Today I got in and organized part of my sewing room and hope to start a new project soon.  We had plans to spend tomorrow evening with the family, but decided to stay home and have a quiet night instead.  Our game night will be postponed until another evening in January.  Well, 2020 was definitely a different year; one thing for sure is that I'm so thankful for taking the trip to go to Road to California with my best friend, purchasing a new, to me, Chevy Tahoe and then finding a trailer to go with it.  We had so many fun trips with the trailer this last summer, especially due to the horrid virus hitting our country.  Thankfully, we avoided it~but we certainly missed seeing our friends.  Our trip to Estes Park in January was such a hit for the whole family and the trip to South Dakota was the highlight of the fall for us.  Some dear friends moved out from California and they have a trailer, so we are hoping for many more trips with them this coming year.  In the works are Utah, South Dakota again and maybe even Montana.  Hubby and I had to cancel three trips this year~one to Hawaii that we rescheduled a second time and cancelled and also a cruise to Alaska.  Hubby is determined we'll get back to the Islands this coming year, but time will tell.  

I pray that you have a healthy and contented New Year and that the virus will slow down, if not completely vanish.  A girl can hope, can't she.  Blessings to you!



  1. This has certainly been a strange year, for sure. My husband and I are looking for a trailer as well, so many fun times can be had traveling in them! We are all hoping for better things in this coming year. Many blessings to you and a Happy New Year!

  2. It has been so different. We purchased a camper on the lake with a separate little guest house just to have somewhere to go that was safe! I love it. We are actually here now! It has been a blessing. Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Spending some time this afternoon catching up with blogging friends and so good to stop by yours. Sounds like a lot of great memories were made for you in spite of Covid this year. May 2021 be abundantly blessed for you!

  4. We purchased a camper that is set up on a nearby lake. It also has a guest house which really came in handy for our children to come and have fun. It really helped with having to stay in so much due to the virus. Thankfully we haven't got it either but we are being extra safe and staying home. Happy New year!


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