Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Love of Puppies

Happy Thursday to you! In a week it will be Christmas eve, how exciting is that! I wanted to share pictures of our granddog Copper's puppies. This was such a small litter, only four but one was still born. They are so much bigger than the previous pups in both her litters, probably because of the number of puppies. In her first litter she had seven and the second litter she had eight. 
This first girl is the biggest and her markings are so pretty.  Our daughter said this litter is easier and won't be as messy when they get older, however the attachment to the puppies will be greater.

I stood up to grab another pup and Miss Lily jumped up and made herself at home on my coat. It's hard to believe she is twelve.  She loves her nana; of course Hunter wasn't happy I'd been with her and he wasn't there.
Copper had two girls and a boy; the second girl is the smallest and to be honest unless I look at the markings on her tummy I can't tell either apart. 

 All three puppies are sold already and phone calls had to be made to the others who wanted a puppy. The vet thought there would be five, from the ultrasound photo.  There are some disappointed folks out there. Copper's puppies are highly sought after.  I get to see them at least once or twice a week and even have a few hours of puppy sitting duty, which I absolutely love.

I am headed to one daughter's house for our weekly lunch.
Have a great day.

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