Thursday, December 10, 2020

To The Mountains

Hello friends, I hope this finds you healthy and at peace during this busy time of year. Hubby and I got all our shopping and wrapping done, so yesterday we grabbed our friends and headed up to Estes/ Rocky Mountain National Park. We got a late start, so packed our lunch and headed to Bear Lake to hike. We had planned to go on Friday, but snow is predicted and would make the walk/hike a bit more challenging. It was perfect weather up in the park; we had our lunches and then walked around the lake. Look at the blue sky. It's a short walk, but great exercise!

 You can tell it was pretty chilly, but fun none the less.  After the hike, we drove back into town and walked the Main Street stopping to browse in a couple of stores, masks on of course.  

We so enjoy our friends being out here and ready at a moments notice to go with us.  Today I went grocery shopping and baked some pumpkin muffins.  Our daughter's Standard Poodle is probably going to whelp this afternoon or tomorrow.  So excited to see just how many puppies are in this litter; she got really big since last week and we are all putting in our guess.  Most of us think she'll have 8.  I'm sure I'll be sharing.
Joy to you!

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  1. Sounds like such fun! It is bad in our area with Covid so we can't be out and about. Looking forward to hearing how many puppies!!!!


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