Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Happy Tuesday to you; it is still cold and snowy here in Colorado and on days like this I find myself playing silly games on our iPad.  Here is one of our recent finds and it's fun, but so addictive.  It is supposed to be good for our mind, but I'm thinking that is just a way to get us seniors hooked.  
Today we've run errands, got hubby new tires on his car and we both have commitments tonight.  We will have an early dinner of fried rice with steak, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms; this is our go to dinner if we have left overs.  
I hope you are all staying healthy!  A close friend came down with Influenza Type A; while I feel horrible for her, I'm not willing to get anywhere near her.  She even got a flu shot this year.  I heard from another friend that she watched a documentary on the flu vaccine and it seems like it hasn't changed here in the U.S. that much since the 1960's.  I have heard that Australia has it down right and that their success rate with preventing the flu has the U.S. beat hands down.
On another note-Copper is getting ready to whelp and if I'm not around for the next couple of weeks, you'll know why-but I will post pics as soon as the puppies arrive.  We can't wait.  I saw Copper today and she is very lethargic, but I got to feel some of the pups moving.  
You all take care and enjoy each day.


  1. Puppies on the horizon, I look forward to the photos when they arrive.

  2. I love puzzle games like that - and word games.
    I am so ready for Spring! :)

  3. Hi Noreen. We do sudoku everyday. Crosswords too. Oh I can't wait to see the puppies. Blessings, stay warm, xoxo, Susie


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