Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tah Dah

Hello friends; I hope you are doing well this morning! So I've mentioned that we had the floor in our shower redone; it was a fiberglass composite which didn't drain(our tile guy had never seen the product before and he's been tiling for 30 yrs). Our bathroom is in earth tones and we decided on this tile pattern because it went with the different hues. The best thing about it, is that the shower now drains completely-yeah!!!! We love the look as well, but having the darker shades makes the very large shower look a bit smaller. That's o.k. because it is still huge; we checked the price of having the entire shower redone totally with two shower heads and a bench, but that would have cost more than my surgery.

For all of you who are gardeners and experts on plants, specifically herbs-here is one for you.  I realize you probably won't be able to tell from the photos, but this is a mystery.  This herb is growing out in one of the beds-it is voracious, has a mild smell and attracts bees.  Last summer I asked the previous owner what herb it was and she thought it was a Oregano or Marjoram, but not completely sure. 

The one thing I will say is that I wish she had planted it in a garden pot or box, because it truly takes over a large bed. When I was with my girlfriend Cyndi the other day, I thought it resembled Greek Oregano, but hubby said no when I showed him a photo of the plant. Yesterday I ran to our town nursery to see if they could identify it and they actually pulled out a book on herbs. It has somewhat of a fuzzy texture and right now there isn't a scent. Last year, during the summer when the scent was strong it reminded me of sage. So the only herb the nursery gal thought of was Borage, but there are no flowers with it(that I can remember). So I will probably take it to another nursery that I get our plants from-they are very knowledgeable. If any of you recognize this, please tell me. I do wish it wasn't in the bed as it takes over everything by summer and if I can't use it for cooking, then I'd rather it not be as aggressive.
I've got another somewhat full day and I've got two grands coming over this afternoon to work on their pillowcases.  We have to have them done by the 22nd for the End of the Year program; best get working on them.  They've all turned out so well and I love how each granddaughter's personality shows by their use of fabric colors and patterns.
Be blessed today!


  1. Good morning! Well first of all I am LOVING the new shower floor. Soo pretty. And the best part is it is working perfectly of course, lol. How I hate a shower (or anything for that matter) that doesn't drain right. And as for the herb I am no help whatsoever there. What I don't know about plants and gardens etc. would fill an entire encyclopedia, lol. How I'd love to be sewing with my grand daughters. Enjoy it! And have a good rest of your week!

  2. Love the colors in your shower and hooray for it draining well! I don't have a clue on the herb. Have a great time with your grandchildren.

  3. I love the tiles you chose for your shower. No clue on the herb, sorry to say. Enjoy your sewing time with your grands.

  4. I love the color of the tiles! Shoot, I love that big shower! Glad you got the drain working well now.
    I have no idea on the herb, but will look it up here when I get done. I was thinking oregano...but there isn't even a smell when you crush it between your fingers? Check the break in the stem. I will be back if I find it.

  5. Honey, I think I found it!
    origanum marjorana leaves

  6. Your shower looks pretty, Noreen! Hope your week is going well.

  7. We don't know anything about plants. Mom can barely grow a tomato and has had to replant her cucumber twice and looks like it will take another time to see if it takes. Love the tiling job!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. That shower is so pretty!!!
    How funny that Hunter doesn't like lamb! (I don't, either, so I can relate. LOL.) Maggie was so funny with her piece - I love that she shared with her sister, that is so typical of these sweet girls!
    Thank you for your compliment on the quilt! It's one of my favorites, too! :)
    I think your friend Tete is right about your herb! At least from what I can tell.
    Hope you had fun with your grands!

  9. No help here on the plant, but it looks like you may have gotten a few hints from your commenters.

    The tile floor is very nice. We need to have two bathrooms completely redone - not looking forward to that at all!!!

  10. Love the tile in your bathroom. So pretty!

  11. Pretty shower tile! I'm sure it feels nice to have it completed! Can't help with the plant thing, hope you are able to get it figured out! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Cindy


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