Friday, May 22, 2015

Signs of Spring and Hope

Happy Friday friends, It is so hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend; in the past, it has been so warm, we've waited anxiously to have the pool open. This year we are waiting anxiously for warm weather to move in and stay for good. I was chiding myself this morning about my whining and realized I'm thankful that we haven't had snow every day for the last month. Yesterday was cloudy and cold, but it didn't rain at all. In fact, Hunter and I got out for a walk. In Kam's yard, she has an abundance of Johnny-Jump-Ups and I thought they looked so much like spring. A neighbor of hers planted them years ago and now they have overtaken her side yard. At least they are beautiful.
About a month ago, my grands said "Nana have you seen the bird nest in the bbq?"; I hadn't so looked. At first, I thought they had just gathered up straw and pine needles and made it. I also figured they were going to be in trouble with the mess; they hadn't made it. The funny thing is that the lid had been closed and the Robin was getting in through a hole in the back. So last week the girls announced they had eggs in the nest. Yes indeed, they were Robin eggs and so pretty; there were five in all. Yesterday Kim announced they had baby birds; the grands didn't even know. We opened the lid to the bbq and we saw four tiny beaks begging for food. With all the rain, I'm thinking the Mom found a nice dry place to build that nest. We are not sure what happened to the fifth egg, but we did count four beaks. Here you can only see three(sorry about the fuzzy photo), but they are so precious. I'm glad it is in their bbq and not ours-we use ours almost every night, even in the winter. I have spotted some sparrows around our gutters, so it wouldn't surprise me to find a nest.
We don't have too much planned for this weekend; tonight is our grands End of the Year program and that is always wonderful. I will be taking photos of each girls with their pillowcase and other projects. 
Today is another rainy day, so I think hubby and I will be going to see Far From The Maddening Crowd.  I doubt there is much else happening, I may be going to an Open House of a quilter that used to have a store here in town. She closed it after her husband died, but has reopened it in her home in a nearby town. 
We are possibly going to get temps in the high 60's and low 70's.  I can only hope, until then I'm waiting.  AT least I'll be ready for Ireland and cooler temps there.


  1. That is so funny about the birds nest in the grill. Mom found a lot of bird droppings on the deck this week. When she took the canvas cover off the grill to put on some juicy steaks, some bird had begun quite the large nest on the shelf right next to the oven part. She must have snuck under the canvas. It wasn't finished and there were no eggs, so Mom brushed it off, figuring Mom realized it wasn't the best place for her nest. We can't wait to watch those little robins grow and develop.

    Lots of rain headed our way this weekend AGAIN!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Oh, Ireland is going to be wonderful! We have never been but we know it has to be wonderful. Still rainy here.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Noreen, I want to see that movie too. Love the baby birds. Wow, what pretty flowers. Today has been just wonderful here. 9 more days till June...Hard to believe. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Those babies are so cute. Hopefully you will get some wonderful weather soon, that stays!!

  5. Oh what sweet little babes! Sure hope mama takes care of them! Have a blessed Memorial day weekend! Cindy

  6. Happy advent of summer to you and yours... where's this year going? Thanks for sharing all the little observations that have such large impact on our lives, there's joy around every corner!

  7. We use our grill year 'round too. ;-)

    I hadn't heard about that movie. Let us know how that movie is - is it a remake of the one from the late 60s or early 70s (or is my memory failing me yet again?).

  8. The flowers look so pretty. It was cloudy and threatening rain all day yesterday but we didn't get any. It was so cold I wore a sweater! Sweet little baby birds. I plan on seeing that movie on Tuesday. I've heard good things from friends who saw it. I saw Tomorrowland yesterday and enjoyed it. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. What cute baby birds! We often have nests built here around the cottage, but Inhave not yet seen any. My Dentist has traveled all over the world and Ireland is his favorite!

  10. Oh, can't wait to hear what you think about the movie, I want to see it also. Wishing you warmer temps as you watch those sweet birds grow. Happy week!


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