Friday, May 29, 2015

A Little of This, A Little of That

Happy Friday to you! I'm headed out this morning to hit the garage sale trail; hoping to find some good treasures. Before I go, I wanted to check with my blogging buddies and especially those who are bird lovers. This is the nest that is in my daughter's bbq; two of the five babies didn't make it. Because I love watching birds and identifying them, it has driven me crazy trying to figure what bird these are. Initially, I thought they were Robins-because the eggs were Robin blue; silly me! I didn't realize just how many birds have blue eggs. So my daughter said no they aren't Robins, but a smaller bird(in order to get inside the back of the bbq)and we thought maybe Starlings. I'm still not sure; she has seen a black & brown bird near the area, smaller than a Robin. They are definitely bigger than the Sparrows I had several years ago. So if you recognize what type of bird these little ones are, please do tell. Whatever they are, they sure are cute!
Many, many years ago(about 20)when we lived in Ca., my dear mother-in-law started giving me Orchids for my birthday. As much as I loved their look, this was a period of time when I didn't have any indoor plants because I was just to busy. The beautiful Orchids would bloom and then I could never keep them alive, so I became very intimidated by Orchids. Then we moved to this house and a friend gave us an Orchid as a house warming present. Inwardly I groaned, knowing that it wouldn't last long. Funny thing happened, when some friends gave me a tip about their care, my white one started to do well. I think it is all about the lighting and the watering. After I moved the first one into our bathroom where is get filtered light, I got another two. One of the two hasn't re-bloomed, but the purple one is doing so well. I love them, but won't be getting more until I see how they due during the winter. They do love this spot though. 
Well, the time has come for me to get ready to go; my weekend will be busy-the sales today, lunch with another friend, a birthday party for a neighbor tonight. Tomorrow, a gal who owned a quilt store in town that closed is opening her home to share her new studio. I'll be hitting that and seeing what type of goodies she has. Hubby leaves Sunday morning for his annual golf trip, so I'll be having some fun too. Have a fantastic day and weekend!


  1. Good morning! The birds are just darling but I am afraid that's all I know,lol.. My mother grew orchids for years They were her favorites. I had no idea they were difficult to grow as her's were SOOO gorgeous, until I tried after she passed to have one. Goodness I have killed 3 so far! I have never had a green thumb though so it's not totally surprising. I wish now I had asked her for her tips on how she kept them looking sooo beautiful. How much water? And I think I have a good filtered light for them. She had gorgeous violets too. I did manage to grow a few of those over the years though, lol Enjoy your week-end Noreen

  2. It sounds like you have a very busy weekend coming up with lots of fun things planned, my mom stays away from those flowers cos they intimidate her. stella rose

  3. Dear friend, have fun yard saling. Very pretty orchard.

  4. Not sure but we wonder if they could be starlings? The sun is out here. No more rain!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. No clue on what the baby birds are, but we wish them well. Mom has orchids and she totally neglects them - somehow they seem to do well despite her:) She waters them rarely and fertilizes once in a while. She needs to learn more about the proper care for orchids.

    Happy and busy weekend. Same will be true here.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. Hi Noreen! You sure do keep busy! I do not have a green thumb and I definitely do not have the time to take care of indoor plants. My husband is good about taking care of the outside plants. The flowers that you see in my pics come up every year so there is not a lot of work to that! Since we are always traveling back and forth between the cottage and the house...and traveling in the RV...we do not have much time to take care of flowers. In the years when I was working part time and we did not have the cottage or the RV...we had gorgeous flower gardens...even a vegetable garden! Now, we just stop by the Farmer's Market for our vegetables and most of the flower gardens that we had have just been plowed under. Have a fun time with your friends...sometimes you can find great treasures at garage sales! Hugs to you and to Hunter!

  7. What a wonderful nest of baby birds! I have no idea what kind they are. I'd sit there until I could see the parents and then maybe I could figure it out!!!!

    Lovely orchids... the wild ones (fairy slippers) are just starting to bloom up here!

  8. I love bird figurines but my Hubby is the bird lover and watcher of the real ones at our house.

    I've never had any luck with orchids either but they are so beautiful. I have good luck growing African Violets and have several of those.

    Happy rest of the weekend!


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