Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hijacked Post

Hunter here with a post about the wonderful treats I received yesterday morning. My Mom has started getting all my treats from Mr. Chewy, because she trusts the quality and prices. Mr.Chewy is just the best company ever. So, on to the good stuff~to begin with Mom got another package of True Chews Chicken Jerky. I love the jerky, Mom breaks part of a piece into small pieces for my breakfast and then gives me a half piece during the day. Really, it's just a lunch time snack.

Can you tell I'm so very excited to sample the rest of the goodies? So the other four packages are True Chews chicken cuts for my breakfast(SHE adds in other goodies, just to make sure I eat everything), Vital Essential freeze dried wild Alaskan Salmon treats, Angus BEEF liver treats and then Pure Bites freeze dried Trail mix with Beef Liver, Sweet Potato and Green Beans. Mom thinks most of my diet is made up of protein and that I need more vegetables. I do like Green Beans, so she's been adding them to my dinner. So there you have it, I'm not spoiled just well loved! Mom also says that everything is cheaper than some of the big pet stores and since they have let us be part of the blogger program, it's worth getting treats from them.  We love Mr.Chewy.
 Note from Mom: One of the reasons I purchased the jerky is that I am concerned that with the Bird Flu impacting chicken and turkey prices in the next several months, the prices on chicken dog treats is going to go up as well. I have a friend who works for the USDA and has been on the front lines of this situation. Iowa has lost 50 million chickens in one area alone. We have stocked up on frozen chicken and also got two turkeys. When I was checking out at the grocery store, the gal said that they are already being told there will be a shortage of turkeys for Thanksgiving and that there might not be any. This verified what I had been told by my friend. So if you eat a lot of chicken you may want to stock up your freezer.
Have a awesome day!
HUNTER & Noreen


  1. How cute! Look at that excited pooch.....I feel the same way when I get a package! Bird flu seems to be getting a lot worse along with other diseases in the country. I cant imagine not being able to have a turkey for Thanksgiving. I wish they could find some kind of cure. Love your pretty blog!

  2. Did you know we live in Iowa and now the 4-H kids cannot even take their birds to the fair, it is so bad here, we finks eggs will go very high also....we like to eat chicken wif our food, so mom says there may be some changes a coming.
    stella rose

  3. Hi Noreen,
    Cute post........wonder if they have cat food and treats
    as well........
    We have put our cat on a grain free diet and it has changed everything as she used to pull her fur out and
    had hot spots and was miserable poor baby, but is
    doing great on the grain free diet.

    Things for the heads up about the chicken....I am not
    really a big Turkey fan to be honest, in fact, some times we have a chicken dish for Thanksgiving. lol
    But probably a good idea to stock up on some chicken if possible.
    Hope all is well with you hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Noreen , your dog is so cute..I think he can read. LOL Scary about chicken prices. Hope they contain that bird flu. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. LOL- Is it too early to buy my Thanksgiving turkey? I have heard that chicken might be in short supply-but thanks for the reminder. xo Diana

  6. I recently ordered from Their prices are very good.

  7. Chewy is the best, great selection, great prices, and superb delivery!!! We have been using them for a few years now. Mom loves not having to go to the store to lug home those big bags of kibble. And we love all the treats. Doing reviews is a lot of fun too.

    We have a few turkey breasts in the freezer and Mom has been trying to make room for more chicken:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Mr. Hunter is a spoiled and very loved poochy :) Have a super night! Blessings, Cindy

  9. Wow, that is a box of goodness! We love Mr. Chewy.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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