Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Friday Friends. Today, I want to find out what your traditions and favorite things about Thanksgiving are.  
I remember growing up and having the traditional feast of turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, stuffing, gravy, string beans, rolls and of course dessert.  We always had pumpkin pie as well as mince meat pie.  When my brother married the most incredible woman around, Sue took over the tradition of Thanksgiving at their house. I think she did this because it was easier than splitting the holidays; she also hosted Christmas eve dinner.  Sue is a Martha Stewart when it comes to entertaining-she is the hostess with the ability to put on a five star dinner and entertain as well-making sure everyone is happy. It is a trait both my girls learned from her example.  Those were the days that having more people for dinner than our family scared the wits out of me.  Since we now have 17 in the immediate family, I think I've mellowed.  Our meal has changed a little bit-we now have to have gluten free items as well as the regular.  I'm thankful that our daughter Kim and her hubby make the most incredible gluten free dishes from scratch.  Instead of mince meat pie, there will be apple and of course, some gluten free tarts for those of us who are gluten free. There will be two types of stuffing and the gravies will have just plain gravy and another one with giblets. 
We were never into watching the football games, so there will be lots of catching up with everyone.
My brother and sil will be here, as well as Carrie's mil.  After dinner we will play Tripoly, an old family favorite. 
So what are your favorites about this day we celebrate?  What foods can't you do without?  Will you be home or away?  Will your meal and day be formal or relaxed?  We will be relaxed, especially with the snow in the forecast. 
Today hubby and I are hitting the grocery store for the main items; we cook one turkey to take with us, so everyone has left overs.  I also make the sweet potatoes, but without the marshmallows on top. We also need to run a couple of errands; the pie for my brother will be picked up on Monday or Tuesday.  I dread Costco, you know it will be crazy!!!
I hope you have a fantastic day and wonderful weekend. 
Blessings and Joy,


  1. Once everyone is at my daughter's for dinner...we all join hands and say grace..we include those that may not be with us. After the dinner of what everyone brings, their favorite recipes. The grandkids and my daughters will play games and laugh till the tears flow. The men watch football or chat. There's always left overs for everyone to make another meal at their house. Blessings, go early to Costco., yikes. xoxo,Susie

  2. Noreen,

    We will be celebrating at home this year. My husband's traveling schedule has been so hectic we are looking forward to some downtime this year. Most of our family will be doing their own thing at their respective homes, and while we still have our 15-year old daughter, it will be a much smaller Thanksgiving than in year's past. We will still make all the traditional favorites because left overs is the best part. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn, stuffing, pumpkin cheesecake, and deviled eggs are our normal fare and then afterwards, we settle around the television to watch a Christmas movie! We start the tradition on Thanksgiving night and watch one each night as a family until Christmas.

    Ah thanks for the memories and hope you and your family have a truly blessed Christmas.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. My husband has already ordered the fresh turkey for the two of us. He will gladly eat turkey until it is gone. Our sweet potato recipe is from Williamsburg's King's Arms Tavern. Boiled then mashed with butter and spices and baked in the oven. No marshmallows for us either. Have a wonderful family gathering.

  4. Our family will be home this year which is great. We do the traditional meal along with pie.....we always have a lime pear salad...made with lime jello, cream cheese, whipping cream, nuts, and diced pears. Every year as I grew up and every year we have been married! Pumpkin bread too...

  5. i expect the stores will be a little crazy this weekend, where ever you decide to shop. We have traditionally been the one's to host Thanksgiving dinner, I love a full house, but this year we will be joining some other "empty nester" couples, who would have been alone for the holidays with each couple bringing a dish that is traditional for them. we are brining a cranberry jello salad that we make each year. After dinner it will probably be football. Hope you have a lovely Thankdgiving

  6. My oldest son's wife is hosting this year and I am soo grateful. It is nice to pass the baton so to speak, lol. I am bringing a ham, and my mom's famous lime jello salad. I took lots of my extra dishes over to their house yesterday so that she will have enough to set the tables. Melody and her family will arrive on Wed morning. I am soo looking forward to it all, and feel soo grateful for all I have. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Hi Noreen, Ben and I always go out to a restaurant as it is just the two of us. My daughter eats with her father and his kids do their own thing. Sounds like you will have a nice day!


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