Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Go Climb A Wall

Happy Wednesday friends, Last night a rock climbing class began and although we have four grands that will be taking the class, three were sick-so just our Miss S was there. It's been at least six months since she took a class at the rec center, but you couldn't tell. She seems to have grown so much, almost as tall as me.
Little Man is such a cutie and loves to pose for photos.

It was such fun to watch her scale up the walls.  Can't wait to see the other three climbing next week.
I also found out that at least three, maybe four, girls will be taking Irish clog dancing in the New Year. If they allow adults in the class, I may just have to take it;  since I was an avid folk dancing while in high school and college and I'm 100% Irish, it would be such fun.  We'll see.
I hope you have a wonderful day today.


  1. The Irish clog dancing sounds like fun.

  2. Your g.daughter seems to be doing very well climbing the rock. That little one is so cute. It would be fun to dance like that. I used to sing along with my g.daughter, Emma, when she played piano. I don't think she is taking those lessons now and it breaks my heart. I know she is into volley ball right now. I like for her to be active...but think music lessons are important. xoxo, Susie

  3. All sounds like fun ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  4. I think the Irish clog dancing will be so much fun, especially if the girl's grand takes the class also. What a wonderful way to stay close and affirm the grands good values.
    Gus' Mom
    BTW, I loved the pictures from your house of the Rockies! How wonderful to have such an awesome view.

  5. Our C goes rock climbing on a regular basis. She loves it.

  6. You're creating your very own Spider Woman! And the clogging dance classes sound like fun!! Love the little photogenic cutie.

  7. Wouldn't that be fun to take clogging, Noreen? Your GD seems to be great at climbing. Good for her.

    Your little "poser" is darling. He is very, very cute. Hope you had a good day- xo Diana

  8. Miss S looks like an awesome climber! My husband is learning to climb, and he loves it.

    I was going to suggest that you join the climbing class but a clogging class sounds just as good!

  9. Wow that was impressive and Irish clog dancing sounds like fun. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. How old is your Miss S? T#1 is growing like a weed ... significantly taller than me already, and #2 is going to be taller than me before too much longer.


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