Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Happy Thursday friends~I hope you had a delightful and quiet 4th. We did, more about that in a minute. You may all remember how I've described myself as very visual when it comes to food; well on Monday, we ate our first "Missy" steaks and I wasn't bothered at all. In fact, the meat was so tender and flavorful I knew I needed to get a photo for you all.
The beans were farm fresh last summer and frozen; the flavor just as good as fresh.  I think we are going to really enjoy this meat.
As you know we had a sleepover Wednesday night with 7 out of 9 grands. Here is the tent hubby put up for them; what you can't see is the t.v. in front of them.  We had such fun, watched "Dolphin Tail" and loved it; they had all seen it before but hubby and I hadn't, it was well worth it!  The evening and night went really well except that my Peanut needed to cuddle with her nana all night-so we slept upstairs.  When the grands are here, I am a very light sleeper-anytime I hear a noise I jump up and check on them.  Yesterday morning we were awakened at 5:30 so we had an early breakfast too, chocolate chip pancakes.  We all went to the parade and that was fun.  In the evening hubby and I went to Carrie's house for their annual 4th party; we had dinner there and then went to our local, annual 4th town concert and fireworks.  Today I am very tired!
I think this weekend will be just as busy; we will be dogsitting Lily while Carrie & family go camping.  They recently got a  tent trailer and her kiddos have been so anxious to try it out.  I think we are planning on driving to the lake they'll be at(an hour away)and take the two dogs with us.  We will just have lunch and then head home.  I think I may just close my eyes a bit right now. 
Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. How did Hunter do with the fireworks? I bet he is excited he gets to be with his friend Lilly. That dinner looks yummmy.

  2. Hello Noreen!! It has been so long since I stopped by--But with being out of town, the power outage, life hasn't slowed down much to catch up! :-) Your dinner looks wonderful, and what great fun you had with your Grands!! I never really knew my Dad's parents, but I remember sleepovers at their home, so I know this time will be very special and always remembered by them and you too!!

    I hope all is well and Hunter is doing great too!!

  3. Such fun for the grandkids - it looks like it was a great tent too. And oh that steak looks so good to us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Oh Noreen, the grands in the tent is just fun for all of them. Your 4th sounds perfect to me, though I can see why you feel dozy today, haha. The steak looks wonderful too!

  5. Noreen- How cute those kids are all snuggled in for a movie. I sleep very lightly, too, when the kids sleep over. It sounds like you had a busy day yesterday and I, like you, am beat today-xo Diana

  6. Hunter will love having Lilly to play with! Looks like you had a great holiday!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS - We got rain today!

  7. Hi Noreen,
    Wow, that food looks mighty fine and hope you enjoyed every biteful.
    Your grandies are all so cute rowed up there watching tv. I have not seen dolphin tail yet, and glad you reminded me because a lil gal that used to go to our church is in it as well as her children. We were just looking for a movie to watch, so think we will see if we can download it from netflix. Thanks,

    sounds like you had a great fourth of July with your family, good for you...........

    Take care sweetie,
    blessings, Nellie

  8. You are just the best Nana, Nor!! I know you are giving your grandies fabulous childhood memories to cherish for years to come! What a joy!

    With one still at home, I sometimes feel like I don't quite measure up to the wonderful Nana my Mom was. I guess there is just always so much going on around here!!

    Love you!
    Have a lovely Friday and weekend!

  9. Looks like a fun time with the grandkids.

  10. Hi- its me Tweedles
    I want to thank you for stopping by my bloggy- and leaving your beautious comment.
    I want to say "welcome".
    Your bloggy looks peaceful to me, and I cannot wait to read about your journeys. I have blog friends in beautiful Colorado. I have been remembering to say prayers for all the familys and furrys who had to run away.
    Thank you again for visiting me.

  11. Your steak dinner looks yummy!

    I haven't seen Dolphin Tail, although DD and the Ts have ... and we want to take a day trip to go see Winter when we take them all to Florida on vacation next year.

    Our 4th was very quiet ... just DH and me. I got my T-time last night, so it's all good.


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