Monday, July 30, 2012

The Summer Olympics

Have you all been glued to the t.v. watching the Olympics?  The Opening Ceremonies were great as always, although I must admit we didn't watch all of the "show".  We've had the games on and off for the entire weekend and so far have really enjoyed the swimming events, women's synchronized diving, women's gymnastics.  Our friends party  was so nice and I enjoyed helping with the food; hubby has to burn a c.d. with all the photos.  Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day working on the quilt top; my quilts always develop along the way and this one is no different.  That's what's nice about having a design wall, you can play with the fabric until you get what you like.  This morning I'm going walking in a few minutes and then to my ladies study.  After lunch, I'm hoping a friend will come by with her pup; Hunter hasn't seen Winnie is a few weeks and if our lawn dries out, they can have some play time. The rest of the afternoon will be spent sewing. 
Do you watch the games?  If so, what are your favorite events?  I am also looking forward to the equestrian events as well as track & field.  Many, many years ago when the summer games were in Los Angeles, hubby and I were lucky enough to go to some track & field events.  It was such an amazing day, so patriotic but also showed I can get claustrophobic.
We had rain here last night and it is a bit cooler today, so walking should be nice this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. MOM and I have sort of watched off and on, kinda of. We always looked forward to softball but I guess they don't have that anymore.

  2. I really enjoy the Olympics. To see those young athletes trying so hard. I also like when the camera is on the parents.

  3. Hi Noreen,
    We are huge sports fans here, and we are all glued to the Olympic games! I
    enjoy watching all of the events, but my favorite is diving. I was a springboard diver in high school, as was my older brother. We had the incredible experience to sometimes practice in Long Beach where Greg Louganis trained under the great Dr. Sammy Lee. Watching him platform dive was an experience I will never forget. He was just as nice as he could be too.
    Have fun with your friend today, you and Hunter both!
    I am eager to see the quilt you are working on!
    XO Kris

  4. Good morning! Yes when we have had the opportunity (which wasn't alot this week-end) we were glued to. I love the Olympics. Especially the gymnastics, and the diving. But I enjoy them all. Your day sounds good..,glad it;s cooler. Enjoy!

  5. We are enjoying them...Phelps yes we are watching everything he does...and others. I am loving all the older women this morning was 44!!

    It is fun to watch them through our young son's eyes!

  6. We have been watching off and on but the big thing mom and dad will be watching is track. Any running event and they will either be glued to the TV or recording the event to see later. They can sit there and watch a whole marathon! Me and Stanley will be watching because when our growth plates close we will start running with our peeps. We hope Hunter got to play with his friend!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Yes, we are also watching! I love so many of the sports, swimming, diving, beach volleyball and gymnastics. It's always fun to see the behind the scenes stories of the athletes. We are right there with you during these days! :)

  8. oh fun to watch!!! my kids are glued to the TV. we went to a sports bar for the opening events and all tried to guess the # of athletes in the participating fun!! Go USA!

  9. I have been watching the Olympics too!

  10. We've been watching the Olympics here. I like the swimming and diving events the best. How lucky you were to be able to get to see some Olympic events live.

    I wish we could get some rain here ... we sure need it. We've got a return of the 100+ temperatures. :-(


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