Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Thursday dear friends; As many of you know this book of devotions is my all time favorite. I have shared different passages here and have found that regardless of your age or season of life, this book will touch you; sometimes in a profound way and other times just in a thought provoking way.  Today I had the privilege of giving two away; one as a thank you for sending me an autographed copy of Maxdog, straight from the authors home town, and the other as an encouragement to a friend that is facing a very serious back surgery.  My hope and prayer is that both these ladies will be blessed by Sarah Young's writing.  If you haven't seen this little book, next time you are at Targ*t or Wal*m*rt, look for it there; it is reasonably priced and you will use it again and again. 
I was also able to visit with both gals today and it was such fun!  Of course, going out to lunch with the friend having surgery, had nothing to do with how fun my day has been 8-).  Today my sweet hubby was up playing the Wyoming Pro-Am tournament, I'm hoping he had a great round of golf.  Tonight we are going to our towns weekly concert with friends.  Tomorrow I will walk first thing and then go garage sailing with Kam.  The weekend is just as busy. 
I hope you have a joy filled day, remember the weekend is just about on us.  Don't forget to enter yesterday's give away and remember even if you don't have pierced ears, these would make a great gift.
TTFN~Noreen & Hunter


  1. Sounds like you have some fun plans! We are getting ready for camping.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. You always have such a full and beautiful life. It makes me smile. Have a grand weekend.

  3. Love this devotional too....always has something to say that I need to hear!

  4. You have such a busy and fun life. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi Noreen,
    I am so happy you stopped by for a visit. We live on Prince Edward Island {Anne of Green Gables land} so we are surrounded by water. My grands are getting ready to go camping next week. Meanwhile my son will be dropping in for a meal or two, I would imagine since he can't join them because he's working every day.
    You sound like you have some nice plans too. Summer is such a lovely time of year! Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Im going to have to get this book.. It keeps showing itself to me almost for the last 8 months.. Everyone I talk to, facebook statuses, blogs, someone is always posting something from it or talking about.. I think I"m being sent a message to get this book :)

  7. I didn't think about how those pretty earrings could be a nice gift.

    I need to make a trip to Wal-Mart soon ... I'll look for that devotional.

    DD and her family are on their way to your neck of the woods. They're going to be staying in Edwards (near Vail). I'm going to miss them so much.

  8. oh me too Noreen! Every morning I read Jesus Calling. I hardly know anyone around here who doesn't read it every day and love it. This was an annointed book, for sure. Doesn't she just voice what your heart is feeling?

    Thanks for the kind comments... you are an encourager for sure! :)

  9. I can tell you're a girl that lives life intentionally. No doubt you'll have many a weekend story to share come Monday.



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