Monday, July 23, 2012

So many of us have had heavy hearts this weekend, grieving for senseless loss and pain here in Colorado that followed the devastating fires.  The Lord still reigns and is still on the throne, regardless of how evil this world gets.  I think many are still trying to process this and I'm thankful that our country is praying for those who are numb with pain.  May His grace fall upon all who mourn and grieve, may His strength heal all those injured, whether physically or mentally.  May His mercy heal our great land and may His people turn to Him.
Praising Him still~Noreen


  1. Indeed, the Lord is still on His throne!

  2. Oh Noreen I can hardly get this sad event off of my mind...those poor people. And yet your so right of course. God is on His throne, and He cares for us! Praise God. Hope you have a good day. HUGS

  3. Prayers are being lifted for the families and even for the parents of the suspect.

  4. So, so, sad and grievous. I have been praying for salvation for friends and family members...that the Lord would be glorified in their loss~that it would not be in vain.

    Love you gal!
    Have a delightful week!

  5. I watched on TV as the person who did such evil things was in court. I felt such sorrow in my heart for so many lives that are shattered because of him....I continue to keep all of them in my prayers and it will be because of prayers like yours and mine that they will find comfort, peace and healing.

  6. My prayers are continual everytime I think about this terrible tragedy- xo Diana

  7. Beautiful thoughts here today. Watching all the reports on TV just makes us sadder and sadder. So many lives devastated by the senseless act of one. and the big question- WHY? So sad.

  8. God is with everyone in their pain.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. I wanted you to know that puggies pray too. My heart feels so very sick after so much sadness keeps happening and happening,, and I keep crying puggy tears and my moms cry too.
    Thank you for your prayers,,,
    for Colorado and our world.

  10. So very sad...and very difficult for everyone to process.

  11. Well said
    (Kris's daughter)
    Erika :)


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