Thursday, July 19, 2012

High Park Fire's Destruction

Happy Thankful Thursday friends. As hubby and I gazed upon what remains of the trees that fueled the fire, we are amazed that only one life was lost. It was interesting to see the "fingers" of the fire-there would be a green section of trees right next to burnt areas. I am so very thankful for the firefighters and volunteers that spent their days containing this fire and putting it out.

We know that forest fires are actually good for the earth, but somehow you wonder if there couldn't have been a little less destruction.  I'm wondering how long it will take all the ash to break down in the rivers so that the water will be crystal clear again and not black.

Today I am thankful that Hunter only chewed up my cellphone and not a pair or two of glasses-which are much more expensive to replace.  I am thankful that this phase will pass! I am thankful that he is a wonderful young pup, who is doing what puppies do.  I am thankful that a cellphone is really an insignificant loss compared to what so many others have lost this summer in the Colorado fires. 
I am thankful today that I have the security of knowing I am watched over constantly and that nothing can touch me without first being filtered through His hands.
Hoping you have a day filled with gratitude.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. What a nice list of things to be thankful for.

    And I'm with you on wondering if there couldn't be a less destructive way of replenishing the forests. But a lot of the destruction was because we (people) choose to build in areas where we know that there are risks (near forests, on flood plains, right along the ocean, etc.). Those are beautiful areas on which to live ... but they come with risks. ;-)

  2. Always tragic when there is loss of life but thankful it was minimal and it sad to see all that destruction but God can make something beautiful out of all of that again. Have a wonderful day

  3. AMEN! That;s what I say. AMEN!

  4. Such devastation the fires leave! So sad. And how wonderful that you have such a great outlook on are thankful in every situation, and always a "glass is half full" kind of gal. I love that about you!!1
    XO Kris

  5. It really brings you back to earth when you see the devastation that fire causes!! Thanks for your pictures and thoughts! I'm so glad that Hunter is very careful what he chews.....and so glad that you are getting so much pleasure from knowing him. Enjoy!! Joan

  6. I don't know how much time we will have to drive up Highway 14...we usually enjoy driving along the Poudre. I've just been concentrating on how much better the mountains will look without all those beetle dead trees. I can't imagine the water being black. We've never been there after a fire. My phone and my glasses cost about the same so I wouldn't be thrilled with either being a chew toy. We have been so thankful that we have never had a chewer type dog. Whew. Joy to you my friend, hope you have a grand weekend. I may not want to leave Colorado after getting Steph moved in. We head out next week. I'm also VERY excited about getting to go to the Human Bean in Ft. Collins for a Mexi Mocha at least once a day. JOY

  7. Bless you!
    You share some really great thoughts.

  8. AMEN! Oh shoot, I just glanced over and that was exactly what Goose said so now I sound like a copy cat. OK, I'm gonna change it to "AMEN Sista"!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Noreen, what a beautiful post....I too wish there had been less destruction but am so thankful more did not lose their lives..God bless you and keep you in His love,

  10. It is so devastating to see the aftermath of a very hot forest fire. I'm not sure that these super hot and raging fires are good for the Earth. I think that the old-style fires, before all the suppression, probably were...

    Yes, a cell phone chewed up is a small price to pay for a wonderful pup! I love your attitude.

  11. What a horrible thing fire is...and the havoc it wreaks cannot be "fixed" any time in the near takes years and years and years. It is just sad, isn't it?

    Yeah- Hunter ate the phone but not your glasses...otherwise you could not have seen to find the chewed up phone- God is good!;>) xo Diana

  12. Oh, Noreen, this makes me sad. I know the Lord can cause grass, trees, and new life! My heart and prayers for the families affected.

    Puppy training... oh, Hunter :(

  13. There have been a lot of tragedies this summer, Noreen, my heart just goes out to all. The photos were something to see.
    Inspired by your thankful list! Give Hunter a hug for me, and tell him stay out of mischief.


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