Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm innocent I tell you!

Good morning friends~I just got a phone call telling me about the tragedy down near Denver, at a movie theater, where a gunman shot a group of people and killed ten. I usually do not have the t.v. on during the day and I had no idea this had happened last night, when I published today's post. As I watched the news, it took me right back to the Columbine massacre when my daughters were in high school. Such a tragedy! My prayers go out to everyone impacted by this horrid event.

 Hunter here today, as my mom eats some stuff this morning.  Me, I'm writing because there is just something I have to share.  The last couple of days I've been blamed for one innocent act and I want to set the record straight.  Firstly, I've been listening to mom read my friends messages-you know Bert, Goose, Murphy & Stanley, Betty and many others and it seems to me that they get a lot of time here; what gives, I only get to say hi occasionally? Secondly, the other day  I just reading my moms emotions; you should have seen the gleam in her eye when she gave dad that talking machine. After all, she leaves toys down for me all over the house and then expects me to know what not to play with.  I'm just a young thing, how was I to know it was something important.  I sure didn't like mom sitting at the puter, after I'd been home alone, reading what all of you were doing.  Now, all she does is put everything up high and tells everyone that they shouldn't leave things down.  What fun is that?  I love to hear her come running when I'm playing; I especially love to hear her say "what does my little guy have?".  She keeps buying me more chewy toys to have around but I just want to have fun!  Oops, here she comes now, I better close the lid on this thing.

Have a weekend filled with giggles my friends!
Hunter & Noreen


  1. Oh Noreen, I am filled with sadness today for that horrific incident in CO.
    Hunter, you silly goose!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Hey Hunter, I agree with you, you should have more to say in the posts. I mean, the humans think they have so much wisdom and knowledge and they wanna share that with each other, but come on, we are the ones who truly know what life is all about.
    Eat Play Sleep then eat, play and sleep again.

  3. Hunter, we are glad you finally got to the computer. Your mom needs to leave it out for you more often. What we have found is that if you don't chew it or slobber all over it, she will leave it out more often. Sounds like you are learning to be sneaky too. Sometimes we just have to do that. Too bad about the phone buddy, now she's going to be on alert for chewable stuff. See you in Blogville!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS - The terrible shooting that happened in your state is beyond comprehension. We must cross all paws and hands and pray for everyone involved!

  4. Good morning! I just read about that horrible incident too. How sad! What in the world plagues some people so to do something like this?

    Now Hunter I have a feeling you are one blessed and loved little guy, so you better listen to mommy.

    Have a wonderful week-end Noreen!

  5. Noreen
    I too am filled with heartbreaking sadness from the Tragedy in Denver.

    I have been meaning to comment on your dog. We had a Bichon when we lived in Nebraska. We had to give him away because we had to move out of state but he was such a beautiful puppy. I love hearing stories about yours.

    Have a good weekend!

    Blessings & Hugs

  6. I thought of you when I heard the horrible news this morning knowing you live in Colorado. All the awful memories of Columbine came flooding back. Wasn't aware your daughters were in high school when that happened. Were they at Columbine?
    Hunter is a darling.

  7. I couldn't believe what I read this morning ... how incredibly sad. Praying for those affected by this horrific event.

    And Hunter, glad to hear from you again. We know that you're a smart little guy ... you'll get the hang of what's allowed and what's not soon. Hope your mama gives you an ear rub from me! ;-)

  8. Noreen, it is heartbreaking to hear about this senseless tragedy. So very, very sad for all involved. May God help everyone involved. should get more puter time! We love hearing from you!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  9. What a terrible tragedy! It does remind me of Columbine all over again. I wonder who will find they missed all the "signs" that were probably there all along. Scary.

    Hunter- funny dog, you! xo Diana

  10. Oh teething is not a fun period, my floors are always very clean (minus the toys) because I've learned I can't leave anything on her level--it's a danger zone down there!


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