Friday, February 25, 2011

Warm winter wishes to you on this Friday~well it is now official, winter is not yet over, at least here in Colorado despite the wishes of many of us.  Snow started to fall, in earnest, last evening and hasn't stopped since.  Our youngest daughter called this morning to make sure our Valentine's Day party that had been postponed wasn't canceled and I replied "of course not, I don't have to drive".  So today at lunch all nine grands will arrive for our much awaited party.  All the kiddos are now healthy and so we are finally able to get together.  I'll be making some sugar cookies for them, have a couple of simple art projects and we will share lunch.  Of course, I've got Conversation hearts for them as well as another little heart candy-such fun.
I wanted to tell you about our first time playing pickle ball on Wednesday.  Firstly, I don't think it is slower than badminton and I ran just as much.  It is fun to play but what an aerobic workout; that is a good thing because my holistic doctor said he wanted me have lots of aerobics this winter.  Although the group is a senior group I felt like the oldest there~didn't really know to much strategy and everyone else has been playing a long time.  Beginner group-uh huh.  It is a cross between tennis and ping pong with large plastic balls and racquets the size of ping pong racquets.  As I watched the ladies warm up, it definitely reminded me of ping pong but when the play started it was more like tennis.  We didn't stay the entire two hours but hope to go back next week for another try.  I am still participating in the Strong Women class as well so hopefully by the time spring arrives I will be in better shape. 
So for those of my friends who live in the land of winter, with snow and inclement weather, how do you stay fit during the long months when you can't necessarily be outside?  I could bundle up and walk but can't find anyone who would brave the cold with me.  I want to try WII with our daughter but I'll have to go to her house. 
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend dear ones~don't forget to thank the One who gives us life.


  1. We've got an extended Winter here near Seattle, too. Snow fell yesterday; and the temps dipped into the teens last night. Just getting from bed to the thermostat to turn up the heat in the morning is an aerobic workout!

    Even in these cold climes I walk. I bundle up and haul my protesting body to a nearby park. If I don't, Cabin Fever sets in. That's never good for anybody :(


    P.S. Glad you had a good Pickle Ball experience. It'll grow on you.

  2. Hi! Noreen, this all sounds like fun! you know I joined Curves in october, but have not been able to do it since Dec. w/working over christmas that got my hip and leg to really aching, and then I have had this tennis elbow problem for about a momth or so~ not sure if working and combo of curves has had me so achy! but I am resting it all. But I did get a stationary bike for Christmas and I do hop on that during the day:)...but all is well..Have a fun:) party...and enjoy the Snow! Happy:) wk-end!

  3. The party was so fun!! Thank you!! I forgot to mention that we got enough food for a dinner this next week... Maybe Tuesday?

  4. I cannot wrap my mind around all the snow I see my blogger friends talking about. We had 78 degree weather here today. It was wonderful.
    I don't even know what Pickle Ball is but it sounds like you all had a lot of fun.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Oh was sooo cold here today!! I am soooo ready for spring and summer! :)

    Your luncheon with your grands sounds like pure heaven!! I bet they LOVE every single minute of it! But knowing the heart of a grandma it couldn't be anymore than you do :)

    Your new sport sounds fun too and I bet you will get better and better! I loved playing tennis but very quickly I got tennis elbow and had to give it up :( made me soo sad!

    Have a blessed weekend yourself my friend! I love you


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