Sunday, December 5, 2010

Greetings Friends,  Friday found me down the road, as I mentioned,  picking up my close friend Cyndi and joining my blogging friends Pam and Marlene.  We had a wonderful lunch and fellowship. Cyndi is a very easy going gal and my two friends here made her feel so welcome.  Our time went much too quickly but hopefully we may be getting together once more before Cyndi heads home to California.  
 Pam, aka Smiling Grammy, is seated next to me and standing behind me is Marlene of Barefoot Soul and Cyndi is behind Pam. 
The rest of my time with Cyndi was relaxing and fun as always but flew by too quickly.  I headed home because our dear friends daughter, a gymnastics coach in Vail, was spending the day and night with us before heading to a meet today.  This afternoon we are having supper with some neighbors and watching football.  I don't know about your upcoming week but I can tell you that mine is jam-packed with wonderful activities.  I've got two weeks left with Cyndi and I know they'll be done before you know it so I hope to get down for a day this week and then two days next week.  I imagine she'll be ready for some quiet time at home by the time her brother is back.  I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday filled with lots of worship.
Hugs and blessings.


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your friends! Isn't it fun to meet up with blog friends? I have met quite a few of my blog friends in person. Enjoy your week. I have loved seeing your Christmas collections. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Awesome! I am glad you were able to fellowship together! What fun!!


  3. Hi! Noreen, oh! what a happy time it is to get a-way with Girlfriends! You know we just need that! Pic was cute of all of you! Have a great Blessed Busy Week! I'm thinking we are all fixing to get busier than usual. Blessings:)

  4. You my friend are a joy to my heart. I learned a good lesson during our time. When there is a choice between a job that can be done later, and the chance to just enjoy some fun stuff like the crocs warehouse sale, and the farm market/craft sale.....Go have fun and do the project later. Life is too short to always focus on what needs to be done. This also applies to our spouses and time!
    love you, CS

  5. So cool that you can have fun times with long distance friends!

  6. Love the picture....well I look a little serious (o:
    the time together was so much fun
    loved meeting your friend...she is like someone I have known forever.
    I have had lots going on and the computer is acting up....makes commenting a long process.

  7. I love spending special time with my friends. Look's like you had a great time!

  8. I'll just bet "Smiling Grammy" and "Sassy Granny" would have a LOT in common!

    As I've moved decidedly into my 60s, I've never treasured friendship more. So glad you're investing in yours.


  9. What fun you had! Nothin like a girls day :) The joy is obvious on all your faces!!

    Enjoy your time and cherish each moment!

    Love you


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