Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Happy Saturday friends,  One of the things I love about blogging, at this time of year, is hearing what family traditions other friends had.  Growing up we didn't have many and when I had my own children I decided that I wanted to incorporate lots of fun experiences that our girls would always remember.  There were many but today I just want to share two.  Each year we would treck to an area that had Christmas tree farms and cut our own tree.  When we lived in San Jose, Ca. we always went to the same tree farm in the Santa Cruz mountains.  It was so much fun, trompsing through the rows and rows of trees to find the perfect one.  I must confess that I am very picking when it comes to Christmas trees.  The farms generally had hot chocolate and cookies and our girls grew up thinking this was the norm.  After we got our tree home, depending on the day, hubby would put it up for us and the girls and I would decorate.  Each year I always purchased a special ornament for them and a few for me.  This way by the time they were married and had a home of their own they would have a fairly good collection.  When I gave them all their ornaments I didn't want to be left with none, which is why I always got a couple for myself.  I can say that both girls still have each of their ornaments and as we look at them, it brings back fond memories.  The year we moved to Sonoma County in Ca. we didn't think it was practical to drive three hours one way to get to the tree farm we always went to.  Our oldest daughter is very much a traditionalist(in a wonderful way)and she was so devastated that we weren't going to Santa Cruz to get a tree.  Nothing was making her happy, not the promises of a farm just as nice or lunch afterward; it simply would not be the same.  We found a tree farm close to the coast that was run my a family and the grandpa met us in the driveway to welcome us.  They had all their family working and even a special child with Downs was helping-which touched our hearts.  Slowly the disappointment began to fade as we walked around this lovely farm with well shaped trees and no poison oak.  When we found our perfect tree and went to pay for it, the family told us about an apple farm that had crafts and food. In fact, the apple farm was owned by a family that attended the same church as we did.  We headed their next and got some apple bread, bought some crafts and enjoyed the holiday atmosphere.
Our daughter decided this would now work for us.  These are a few of the things that made our holidays brighter each year and both our daughters carry on the traditions now.  We have a fake tree, which I said I'd never own, but I do love it-it's so easy to put up and we don't have to constantly worry about the needles on the floor or watering it.  Never thought I'd say that!
If you don't have Christmas traditions, start some today.  If your kids are grown, start some with your grands.
Have a fun-filled weekend.


  1. Oh Noreen how right you are...we are SOO alike. I did the same thing with the ornaments, and while we didn't go to the same farm to cut down our tree every year, we ALWAYS had a real tree. We would drive from place to place looking for the perfect one, and eventually make our selection. This took hours of course. My daughter is VERY traditional too and could never be talked into an artifical tree so we had a real one till she got married. So this is our third year with a fake one. And again your soo right. MUCH EASIER...No needles to deal with, or a dying tree (long before Christmas usually, haha) The funnest part of all? My daughter got a real tree her first married year and quickly abandoned the plan after SHE was the one dealing with needles and watering and bought an artifical tree the next year...When I told her I couldn't BELIEVE she had made us keep the real ones going for years and years she said, "Why did you listen to me, I was only a child?" haha...Have a wonderful week-end Noreen. HUGS

  2. We too used to go cut our own tree! It was a fun tradition. But, I have to say....I love my fake tree!!! No muss, no fuss!!!

  3. My husband and I got a fake tree the year after I lost my dad. He was the only one patient enough to go with my sister and me to find that perfect tree.

    I have never regretted it though. As you have messy cleanup!

  4. I enjoyed reading all about your heart share of traditions during Christmas dear friend.

    Praying for you all and all that GOD has for you and your family...

    Much love!

  5. Oh Noreen,

    Just delightful. I have never cut our own tree wish we would have had that experience. Sending you a warm hug. Lynn

  6. Loved reading this tonight Noreen, like you I have been enjoying reading the traditions of my friends here in blogland. I love real trees and haven't had one in a few years. I always enjoyed going and getting ours when the children were home. I am so glad that your daughters are carrying on and making their traditions. As always I leave so blessed. Enjoy your weekend,

  7. What beautiful memories! Traditions tend to bind families together whether they are together physically or not. We have many traditions passed down from generations, my favorite is making homemade hot tamales for Christmas dinner. Who knows where this started but with the first bite it warms me from head to toe!
    Merry Christmas!

  8. What beautiful memories you have. We curretnly have an artificial tree. I like it because I can put it up right after Thanksgiving.
    Our traditions have changed since our kids have all left home except for one. We always attend Christmas Eve service and go and look at Christmas lights. What a joy this time of the year is.

    Blessings & Hugs


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