Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun Family Memories

When our daughters were in jr high school we became friends with another family who happened to be Dutch.  They celebrated Christmas at the beginning of December, this focus was on St. Nicholas Day and then for Christmas they focused on the real reason for the season.  One year, the first for us, they left gifts on our doorstep and rang the doorbell and then took off.  It was quite fun trying to find them and discovering the thoughtful and yummy gifts they left.  That year we wanted to bring some fun and joy to them so on Christmas eve we trucked out to their house in the country, after having parked some distance away so they wouldn't know we were there.  We slowly crept up to their front door, left their Christmas presents, rang the bell and took off.  We always found lots of wonderful hiding spots in which to watch them search for us-gullies, bushes, trees etc etc.  On the street they lived it was always pitch black out so hiding was pretty easy.  I think this ritual became so much fun for us and watching our friends walk up so close to us and not see us brought giggles etc.  Our families continued this tradition for at least 6 years and it always made the holidays fun! Our daughters delighted that mom and dad would actually hide in bushes in the cold dark night to bless our friends.  Over the years we have done this to other families as well and it is always fun to hear how they are so puzzled by who would leave gifts anonymously.  I look forward to the stories the grands might tell of their adventures in leaving gifts for others on Christmas Eve, as I'm sure this tradition will continue. There are more family traditions that I'll share in the days to come.
What traditions does your family have?


  1. That is so cool. We are such a free floating family that we don't have things that get repeated every year.

  2. What a sweet, sweet story ... what fun that must have been!

    Our family traditions are a lot more typical ... and not so special. DD & I always take a day about a week before Christmas where we bake cookies together. It's more than just the cookies ... it's the time spent together, working together, laughing together. The cookies are just an added bonus. ;-)

    Blessings as you & your family prepare for Christmas.

  3. Reading the Christmas story, together and read by one of the children!

  4. What a fun and loveing idea!
    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  5. Nor,

    We ARE sister's from another mother??? Does that saying work for women??

    Anyhoo, girl, I would be right out there with you giggling and hiding. Oh, how I wish we had lived near one another when our girls were small.

    Love you a ton. Hugs. Lynn


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