Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Nuggets

Good morning friends,  I just finished doing my lesson for the last week of Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore.  What a wonderful study this has been and although I'm sad to see it end, another study will begin in January and promises to be just as rich.  I wanted to share the poem below because it spoke to me and I trust it will resound in your spirit as well.

Let me be known by the company I keep
By the One who determines each day that I greet
From the moment I wake til He rocks me to sleep
Let me be known by the company I keep!

Let me be known by the company I keep
When the valleys are low and the mountains are steep
By the One who holds fast when swift waters are deep
Let me be known by the company I keep!

Let me be known by the company I keep
By the One who implores me to sit at His feet
And quickens my soul to discern what is deep
Let me be known by the company I keep!

Let me be known by the company I keep
Eclipsed by Your presence that I may decrease
Til all You have chosen this traveler to meet
No longer see me but the Company I keep.
Beth Moore

So whose company means the most to you today? Will you join me at His feet?  Let us praise Him together.
Because He first loved us,  Noreen


  1. Yes, I'll join you at His feet. What a lovely poem...just what I needed. Blessings, K

  2. Beth Moore's study's are wonderful! Is Living Beyond Yourself the one about the fruit of the Spirit? Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem! Count me in - joining you @ the feet of the Master today!

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons, and for your sweet, encouraging words! I'm always grateful for the lessons I learn from our puppies! Have a wonderfully blessed week!

  3. Oh..I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this!!

    What a powerful truth to truly ponder. It's so important to be cautious with the company we keep, because we truly become like the people we hang with.

    That's also why I'm mindful to be a person of character......beacause people who hang with me...will be like me.

  4. It is good to keep pressed in to True Love. I started my morning with coffee with the Java Mama's and as always was reminded to love first and above all, leaving the rest to God. Now I'm headed to the bedroom...starting a fire, putting on a good movie and doing some ironing.

  5. Great poem. I love Beth. Will it be another Beth Moore study?

  6. One of my favorite studies of hers... and yes, let me be known by the company I keep.

    I'm keeping company with the King these days. I hope that it shows. I hope that he knows.

    peace, sister, and thanks for being my friend from afar and for encouraging me as I go.


  7. Hi Nor! What a wonderful poem! Right there with you, my friend!! What a wonderful place to be!! Love and hugs to you! Sam and her family move back this weekend!! WOOHOO! So busy AND my computer is down! Got a nasty bug and the IT guy at Randy's work is working on it! UGH! Not a good time to be down for my shop, but the Lord knows!!

    Love you lots, sweetie!! I'll be in touch!!

  8. Don't you just love her studies? Soo good. And yes, how I want to be known by the company I keep...the poem was soo good.

    And yes, how I wish we lived near one another...I'd soo love to hang out. Who knows maybe one day, but in heaven for sure..

    Hugs, Deb


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