Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Tuesday friends, This morning we woke up to frost on the roof tops but the sky is blue and the weatherman promises temps in the 60's.  Oh what a beautiful day it is; the Rockies are simply gorgeous as well.  Yesterday I read several challenges, for this month, about listing at least one thing per day on your blog, that you are thankful for.  Writing your blessings seems to make a person more aware of just how many there are, so if you aren't in the habit of making a Thankful list I would encourage you to begin today~what better time than the month of Thanksgiving. 
Today I am thankful that I can place my hand in the hand of Jesus, laying all my earthly worries at His feet, trusting that He will work these issues out for my good.
I am thankful that as I turned the page on my calendar this morning, I realized my doctor's appt. is today not tomorrow.  I am thankful for this holistic Christian doctor that I have been able to see, even without insurance coverage.
I am thankful that my beloved has nice weather; he works part time over at our local golf course and the nice weather means he is working and also getting to play golf.
I am thankful for the tea my youngest is having for all of us today. 
I am thankful and so very blessed by the love of friends, near and far.  Bloggers are by far some of the most incredible people I have ever come in contact with and it amazes me how the Lord uses you all to encourage me, just when I need it most.
I am thankful to be alive, serving my King and my loved ones.

So join me and others and begin listing the things you are thankful for.
Hugs today, Noreen


  1. Oh yes, November is time to remember all that we have to be thankful for!!! I too, have so much in my life that I am thankful for every day. Enjoy your beautiful CO day!

  2. Oh how wonderful that you're going to have tea together. What a blessing!
    I am thankful that God placed me in this world 'for such a time as this' and that I am able to watch His remarkable move in this world.
    I'm thankful to have a loving and supportive and healthy husband at my side for nearly 30 yrs.
    I can go on and on and on here Noreen - God is so good to us and we all have so much to be thankful for.
    1 Thess. 1:2 my friend!

  3. Hi Noreen,
    I love to read your posts because they are always full of thankfulness. :)

  4. Love your thankful list. It reminded me to keep my eyes on the things above. Enjoy the sunshine!


  5. Enjoyed your thankful list Noreen, you always encourage thankfulness with all your post. Thanks for sharing.


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