Sunday, November 21, 2010

Give Thanks

"Thank Me throughout this day for My Presence and My Peace.  These are gifts of supernatural proportions.  Ever since the resurrection, I have comforted My followers with these messages: Peace be with you, and I am with you always.  Listen as I offer you My Peace and Presence in full measure.  The best way to receive these glorious gifts is to thank Me for them.
It is impossible to spend too much time thanking and praising Me.  I created you first and foremost to glorify Me.  Thanksgiving and praise put you in proper relationship with Me, opening the way for My riches to flow into you.  As you thank Me for My Presence and Peace, you appropriate My richest gifts."  By Sarah Young in Jesus Calling.

Have you stopped to give thanks to the One who deserves all thanks and praise. 
Blessings and grace to you dear friends,


  1. Hello Noreen!! This is the first chance I've had in a couple of days to read blogs, and I'm starting with yours--What a great place to start! I gave a 10 minute talk today in church on the very topic of your post. It was a good reminder for the start of the holiday season!

    I've not caught that 'Christmas bug' yet--I usually don't feel it until into December because I'm in the state of denial! :-)))

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

  2. What an excellent reminder!!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones :o)

  3. Interesting how we can receive in the giving what He is due.

  4. I'm thankful for blogging friends like you Noreen!

  5. Oh yes Noreen! Praising our Father with you!! For HE is Worthy of our Praise!!!

    I am so very thankful for you! May you have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving !!

    I love you

  6. Hello Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share and a gorgeous reminder this beautiful Sunday evening. Thank you so much for touching my heart again, as always. You have such a wonderful message to share. Especially right before the approaching holidays.

    Happy Thanksgiving sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  7. Beautiful post Noreen, I just read another excerpt from this book, by Sarah Young from a SS post. I really must get this book. She writes such beautiful thoughts.

    I was so blessed by this, thank you for sharing and reminding me. Wishing you and your family a most blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. You have been busy...
    ironing sheets (o:
    I told you I don't have the hostess gift
    never even thought of that...they were clean though (o:
    Dec 10 sounds good to me (o:
    have a great Thanksgiving...
    I am thankful for many things...
    meeting you is one of them


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