Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Good Morning to you.  So what is your weather like today?  Although this isn't a current photo, I love the contrast in the sky, snow and the trees.  If you were to gaze upon our Rockies this morning they would be totally covered with the white glistening stuff.  Such profound beauty.  Today has dawned bright and sunny, cold and crisp with frost on the ground but promises to warm up later today.
I want to ask you when you officially start decorating for Christmas?  When I was growing up my parents waited until the week of Christmas and I remember decorating the tree on Christmas eve.  Having said that though, one reason was because the left the tree up until mid-January.
For our family, we have always gotten a tree the day after Thanksgiving and started decorating immediately.  Now that we have a fake tree, which I fought getting but absolutely love, we decorate the entire house the day after Thanksgiving.  Forget those sales, I'd rather be home with Christmas carols playing and figuring out where to put all the decorations.  I do remember the first couple of years of being an empty nest and it wasn't much fun decorating without my girls but I think I've adjusted to it, plus I love having decorations that my grandkids love like my sled filled  with stuffed animals.  There are so many traditions we each have so I know I'll have lots to blog about in the coming days.
Stay warm but remember to give thanks.  I'm thankful that we have a home to decorate each year and that we have family and friends to celebrate with.  I am thankful that we celebrate the birth of our Savior.
Blessings,  Noreen


  1. Beautiful picture, Noreen! Like you, we begin decorating for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. We too are empty-nesters this year, but I'm usually the one to do the majority of decorating (although my hubby is great about lugging everything up from the basement!)so it probably won't be THAT different this year! Time has flown this year and I can't believe it's almost time to celebrate Christmas - I love remembering Christ's birth!! God bless!

    In response to your comment @ Life Lessons: Welcome back! It's always good to praise the Lord for His handiwork! Praying your day is blessed as well! :)

  2. We've always decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. We've almost always had a real tree (bought a fake tree one year -- a nice one -- but after about 3 years, one of the branches broke, so we're back to real trees, which I prefer anyway), and I'd rather have it up early and take it down early. On Dec. 26, it just isn't Christmas any more (much of the allure of Christmas, for me, is the anticipation so when it's over, it's over ha!). We still put up a tree, even though the nest is empty ... it's just not Christmas without a tree. I could be persuaded to get another fake tree, but the one that broke was HEAVY (it took both of us to get it up the stairs from the basement!) plus I would miss the scent of a real tree.

    We do all our decorating at the same time that we put our tree ... I don't go too crazy with Christmas decorating, but I do have a little village that my sister-in-law made for us for a wedding gift that I just love. I have a few Santas that I put around the house. I have a garland that goes on the mantle above the fireplace. And this year, I'm going to see if I can't find something pretty for the table (now that we have a nice table).

    Have a blessed Wednesday, dear one!

  3. Our local weather man who has some national awards for accuracy in seasonal weather predictions gave us the sad news last night that we might....MIGHT have 8 inches of snow this year. I LOVE snow. Last year we had 44 with 12 big storms spread out over the winter. I thought it was GLORIOUS!!!!! We started decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Not sure what this year will hold as we have family coming to town that we have never we're setting aside more time with them. Our girls are both 40 minutes away so we don't really feel like we have an empty nest as some know it. They love to pitch in and help. Hope your day is grand!

  4. We always try and decorate right after Thanksgiving. I like to
    enjoy the decorations and carols awhile. Time is upon us.

  5. Hi! Noreen, I will decorate this week-end! I love to hav emy stuff out before TG! It just seems to make it more festive, I'v always decorated the week before Turkey Day! And weathe rhere is very windy today! Bright Sun tho! Have a great afternoon!

  6. Such a pretty picture. Our weather here in Oregon today is windy with rain moving in tonight. The Mountains will be getting snow with a possiblity of snow here on the valley floor this weekend. We are at 500 feet.

    I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving with my artifical tree. We usually will take it down a day or two after Christmas. I am getting so excited.

    I am not sure about Black Friday. The last few years we have stayed home because I do not like crowds.

    I love the Christmas celebration of the gift of our Lord Jesus birth.


  7. Well, I will admit I like to be completely decorated by Thanksgiving. We turn outside lights on that night. Blessings to you.....

  8. Oh wow. What a beautiful picture in deed!!! I'm sure your view never get's old.

    Praying you are having a great week.!?!?

  9. Traditionally we decorate the day after Thanksgiving but decorating will be different this year for us. We'll be adding sparkles and pinecones to a fifth wheel instead of a house..Wonder where I can find a tee-tiny little tree? Blessings, Kathy

  10. What a beautiful photo....We start after Thanksgiving..usually the first week of Dec. or when we have time and energy! Our live tree is out on our deck due to allergies, but we have a small plastic tree inside covered with tiny ornaments..I confess I already have played Christmas music this week!

  11. What a beautiful picture. We always decorate the whole house (inside and out) the week-end after Thanksgiving. It takes me more than a day...think maybe I have too much? haha I LOVE it...And I love decorating, but I do hate taking it all down. I frequently do it New Years day while we watch the parades etc. Somehow it is faster to take it down than to put it up, which is good I guess. I remember when I was growing up we didn't decorate until just a few days before, and then took it down the day after New Years. We had a real tree, a nativity sceen, and a couple of other small things. Looking back it was like soo many other things, so much simplier then. I think "maybe" I've become too carried away with all the decorating, but I am not ready to give it up. We bought a fake tree a couple of years ago. Now that we've moved to a smaller home though I am wishing we'd one a little smaller, haha...sorry, my comment got a little long. = )

  12. That is one gorgeous photo! Glad to meet you - amazing that you not only came over to say hi, but that you actually recognized Crane Park! I'm an alumnus of SSU - an older student graduate: '91! So it was a special day seeing my granddaughter there. Thanks for the email!
    Best xopxxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  13. I am so with you on the sales really makes me ... crazy to think of being out in that.
    I have put up a few things since we leave for awhile before Thanksgiving and when we get back it will be almost done (o:


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