Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

Good Morning Ladies,  I pray your had a blessed weekend and didn't get too tired decorating and shopping!  As I mentioned, I was going to be staying overnight with my girlfriend who dog sits at her brother's place.  I've told you that the house resembles Tara in Gone With The Wind so I thought it might be fun to share what the home looks like.  The top two photos are actually of homes used in the movie and the bottom house is my friends brother's home.    He has quite a bit of land and raises Springer's; is an avid hunter as seen my the mounted trophy heads he has throughout the house.  I also mentioned he has, at this point, 15 dogs that he uses for field trials and hunting.  He is a well known figure in this field.  Taking care of 15 dogs, although they are kenneled, is quite a bit of work.  They need to be run every couple of hours and the feeding alone takes about 45 minutes.  I also tease my hubby when I return from an over-nighter that he pays my girlfriend to have me down because I come home very content with one or two smaller dogs.  It is simply chaos when we take the dogs out to run.  At night, there are at least 8-10 dogs in the house for the evening; I'm sure their owners have the same stay in their room in crates during the night but when I was there my girlfriend had 3 in her room and I was having allergies and asthma so declined any sleeping with me.  There are several dogs that I just love and would be tempted to take in the golden years but they need to be hunting on a regular basis so my home wouldn't be the best for them plus with all their hair I know I'd be bothered.  I hope to go down again this week for an over nighter but we will see.  Cyndi and I have a wonderful time together; she spoils me with fresh game for dinner and we just talk up a storm. 

We had a bit of snow last night, just a dusting, but I think it will be a good day to just stay inside.  Now that our home is totally decorated for the season, I can relax and catch up on what my friends in blogland are doing.
Hugs today,  Noreen


  1. I can't even imagine being all decorated. And all those dogs do sound crazy fun. Enjoy your day!

  2. What a beautiful home!!! Hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. I am sooo got snow! I had a great weekend..thank you! I pray you had an awesome weekend, too.

  4. It really does look like Tara in
    Gone with the Wind...soo pretty. Glad you had a nice week-end. Don't think I'd do well with all those dogs though, haha. Enjoy your quiet day inside. Got my decs all up too so I think I will work on my cards today after I visit on some blogs... = )

  5. 32had fun catching up.
    love the house (o:
    sounds like you had a great thanksgiving did I
    I think I answered that email...friday would be good for me.

  6. where did 32 come from??? I had fun. (o:

  7. I love dogs ... but I'm not sure I could handle that many! Two is two too many sometimes! ha!

    It sounded like you had a fantastic weekend with your friend. Hope you get another overnighter this week ... what fun.

    I too am jealous of the snow. There's a few flurries in our forecast for tomorrow ... I'm hoping that it's more than just a few flurries! ;-)


  8. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! Your friend's brother must be a devoted hunter to take care of all of those dogs! The house does resemble Tara Plantation! Enjoy your decorations and have a blessed week!:)

  9. I admire those that own Springer's! I love the breed, but they are (as you know) an active dog and take a special person to give them what they need to be happy and content--These sound like they certainly are doing what they are bred and live for!

    We had flurries in VA on Saturday, but I sent them away--They must've gone in your direction! ;-))

  10. Hi my friend,

    I've been by many times to read. I haven't been very good at leaving comments though...

    I love the big house. It looks like one could holler and hear the echo all throughout. Our little one story house is only a little over 1400 sq. ft. so I would get lost exploring through a house as big as that looks beautiful.

    So happy to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and such a good time with your dear friend and all of the dogs. I couldn't imagine what feeding time would be like...

    We got a little dusting of snow two days after Thanksgiving...not enough to stay but our daughter who lives in one small town and our son who lives in another(both of which are about a 40 minute drive away) got eleven inches of snow on Saturday...Whooah. My daughter went shopping with her sister-in-law on Saturday and when her SIL picked her up the snow was up to the bottom of the car door...Whooah again. I love snow but not the cleanup part of it. Little 1 and little 4 had a ball with daddy outside playing in it in the afternoon while mommy was gone shopping.

    My Christmas decorations were brought into the house today...still sitting in boxes. I hope to get the tree up tonight and then maybe tomorrow pick at the rest.

    It's been busy but a good busy. I love you my friend and I always smile coming here as your posts are so positive and uplifting.

    I'll be back again soon.

    Peace & Prayers,


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