Monday, November 15, 2010

Morning Tweets,  So hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love.  We had a very relaxed one filled with crafts.  Hubby and the two grandsons started building model planes(wooden)last year but it was a bit tough for the little guys to do so dear hubby brought them home a while back to work on.  He spent a good part of the weekend working on them while I started working on some Christmas ornaments.  I did find that the ornaments are extremely small and since they aren't paper pieced it was very difficult to do.
I plan to double their size so that sewing them will be easier. 
The last couple of days my neck has been a bit stiff, probably because one night I tried a different pillow~I know pretty lame.  Last night I ended up having spasms all night long every time I moved.  I would even try to adjust my arm or leg and my muscle would cramp up.  Today I took a hot shower and it is a bit better but still stiff so I think I'll just stay in where it's warm and take it easy.  We had a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning so it is a perfect day to be inside.  I do hate it when I just have to rest, seems to me that I'm just wasting time.  I've never had neck spasms before and they sure reminded me of charlie-horses you get in your calf.  But in all this, I realize how much worse it could be and I'm thankful for being retired and able to stay at home.  I'm thankful that this to will pass.  I'm thankful for winter weather which makes staying inside more acceptable.  I'm thankful for our technology that will allow me time on the internet, visiting you all.
I am thankful to be alive for such a time as this and for God's great mercy on this gal.  I am thankful that He knows my frame and temperament and gives grace for the moment.  Hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  How about you, what are you thankful for today?
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Hi Noreen. Sure hope your neck feels better soon! Enjoy the snow!!

  2. I'm thankful that after a *busy* weekend, I can slow down and take it easier today. I thought about that last night ... when I was working, when I went to bed after a particularly busy weekend, I'd find myself dreading to go to work because I'd been so busy and hadn't had any time to just slow down and take it easy. Thankfully now that I'm retired, I can take those days after a busy weekend. ;-) Although I certainly don't intend to do nothing today ... I'll get plenty done ... but at a slower pace than usual. ;-)

    Hope your neck spasms subside and that you feel better soon. <3


  3. I am thankful that we have a God who is alive and who is real and that we are able to serve Him and worship Him in all that we do and say!

    Praying for your neck!

  4. This gal is grateful for...
    your blog that got my thinking on the right track for today and JOY that comes from knowing Him. Blessings, K

  5. Projects...good and bad
    I always start them...then get over whelmed (o:
    Your back
    I worked at cleaning the storage room yesterday and boy do I feel sore and old decrepit ( I just looked that up to see if it was the right word..."ruined, worn out and weak" were the words the dictionary listed (o:
    We still have lots of work to do ...and I am not moving anything this time.
    Treat your neck good...yikes...charlie horse in your neck. Ouch

  6. I am thankful for soo include your blog for sure. = ) Hope your neck feels better soon. Perfect day to stay inside warm and cozy. Have a good day... HUGS

  7. Sorry to hear about your neck! Have you ever tried going to the chiropractor? I've been going regularly for the past several years. Something to think about, anyway! I'm always so encouraged by your praises! I'm thankful for a wonderful husband and daughter and for the rain the Lord has sent today! Have a wonderful week and stay warm!

  8. Hey Noreen,

    Thank you for sharing some of yourself and life with us dear one and please know I'm praying for you and your family!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!! So much to be thankful for...PRAISE the LORD.

    Love you.

  9. Hi! Noreen, ok, girl get to the chiropractor! This stuff will make you feel miserable, I am still fighting this stuff, I have felt so much better this wk-end. But it still has got a grip on me. Still feel a little washed out, and have coughing spells! Lets claim together we are Healed in jesus Name!! Oh! Yes, Thank you Father for Your Healing on Noreen and myself! In Jesus Name ! Amen!

  10. I do hope your neck gets better soon. Maybe a warm 'wheat pack' might ease the pain a bit. It's so debilitating having something go wrong with your neck isn't it?
    Hope you have a better night tonight. Blessings!

  11. Awe friend hope your neck is feeling better soon. It's okay to take a rest when needed. Hugs and love

  12. Hi Noreen,
    Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your neck, I can empathize with that for sure.
    Will be praying it settles down real quick. Amazing how just laying the wrong way or sleeping on a different pillow can throw things off really quickly and painfully!!
    Wow, can't believe you guys are already getting winter weather and snow!! Amazing!
    Hope your ornaments come out nicely.
    Blessings my dear,


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