Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Saturday Friends,  I know that many of you, like me, have family and friends coming in from out of town for Thanksgiving and you might just be doing what I've done all morning-fluffing up the nest, cleaning and making everything as nice as possible.  So as I was working this morning I realized that somewhere in the last five years or so, a new chore has crept into my thinking.  As I grew up I don't remember having many overnight guests for the holidays, except one cousin.  I certainly don't remember my mother ironing the sheets for anyone so where did I get this habit that I've gotten into for the last number of years?  My sweet mother-in-law always ironed sheets before guests arrive and our dear aunt, on hubby's side, in Mississippi always irons sheets for guests. I'm sure the aunt in Tennessee wanted to but probably just hung them out to dry which made them nice and crisp.
I know with modern technology-such as dryers, if you take them out immediately they might be wrinkle free but honestly we don't have guests that often so I just pull them from the shelves.  So I have to ask do any of you find yourself doing things in preparation for guests that you never would have dreamed of? 
Have a delightful day today; I will as I'm headed to the grocery store to stock up-and yes I already cleaned the fridge.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Funny you should ask since I have just spent the morning ironing table cloths and polishing silver, things that are very outside the norm for my undomestic self.

  2. Most all our family is in this immediate area, so I rarely have overnight guests ... other than the grands. But when I do, I change the sheets on the bed ... but I have to confess that I don't iron them. I smooth them out as much as possible when I put them on the bed, in hopes that the weight of the quilts/comforter will help remove the worst of the folds.

    Have a wonderful time with your guests. ;-)


  3. Hi! Noreen, no I do not iron sheets!! The only thing I remember is my mom used to iron my dad's hankerchiefs. Is that not funny, and she hung sheets on the line. Oh, yes i have to always do alot of extra when company comes, but I really don't have any that stays anymore. WoW~ theres that passing of time again. But anyway was fun to go back to those precious memories. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  4. Oh I remember pillow cases, dining room table cloths, napkins and I HATE TO IRON! But I do love a freshly made bed. We never have a family Thanksgiving. This year we will have 15 at our I scraped, primed and repainted trim in every room that guests would be in. When we built 9 years ago our painter made two major mistakes and until a recently created paint came out we had to live with the mess....or scrape it down to bare wood and start over and that would have been a nightmare because of some additive she mixed in. So when my local paint man said he had a solution for me I jumped on it....I didn't want everybody seeing the peeling, yellowed white woodwork. The two worst rooms were the dining room and one of the guest bathrooms....of course the two rooms guests would see. It's beautiful now...but I can't believe I did it. I'm actually looking forward to my mom's arrival on Tuesday....I've got two weeks worth of laundry waiting to be ironed. :o)

  5. Yes I too have been cleaning and fussing about the house. Ironed tablecloths and napkins (No sheets, haha) cleaned the fridge, straightened the pantry (again..don't know what is wrong with me, lol) and my hubby cleaned and conditioned our leather furniture in the family room. How hard he worked and how wonderful it looks. It is his once a year right before the holiday's project. I made my list for the meal for grocery shopping too. I am feeling right on top of things this morning. Have a wonderful Sunday Noreen. HUGS


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