Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

Let's all do the happy dance cause it is Friday!!! Don't you just love the colors in the photo above; it screams cool days, warm apple cider, games and cozy indoor activities. Although we don't get this depth of vibrant colors here, my understanding is that the Aspens are glorious in the high places. It will be two weeks before I'm able to venture up to see the colors and also the Elk bugling. If I could, I would jump in a car and make a trip to New England, especially Vermont, New Hampshire and of course Maine. Maybe next year. Next week you my friends will be seeing a change of scenery for this blog but I'm not telling, I want you all to be surprised.

Have a glorious weekend and remember to enjoy each minute, they pass too quickly.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Happy:) colors to you today! make it fun! Have a good wk-end!

  2. TGIF....for sure!!! My husband has been gone all week, and I am lonesome and grumpy!!

  3. Oh Noreen! I want to jump in the car with you!! That is my husbands dream to go there in the Fall!

    Your picture is sooo pretty and YES I am doing the happy dance for Friday!! :)

    I cannot wait to see you new scenery! How exciting!!!

    Love you! Have a beautiful weekend

  4. "Happy Dancing" with you!! Praying you are doing well, today!

  5. Oh I'm so excited about the changing of the season. I am thinking how blessed we are that God gave us the ability to discern colors and hues!!
    I am also excited to see the changes that you'll be bringing here Noreen. You have such eloquent taste that I am anxious to see what you're going to do. How fun to anticipate - huh?
    Blessings and great joy for your weekend my friend.
    Hugs and love,

  6. There is the feeling af fall in the air and the beauty that it will bring. Our Aspens this low haven't started changing yet, but they will be beautiful soon.
    And, yes, I am doing a Friday happy dance, or I will be after I go to work for about 4 hours this afternoon.

  7. Hi Noreen,
    What a beautiful photo! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead! God bless. :)

  8. Hi! again; Thanks for the sweet comment that you left! Just wanted to say that dish I used was a vegetable bowl. I also bought a platter(will show it later), I bought those at Ross, in Tyler, Tx. I know that is too far from you! but if you're familiar with Ross be sure to check it out they have some really cute gift items! Have a good wk-end!PS hope comment does not post twice! looked like I lost my first one, not sure tho.

  9. I do love the colors of fall and wonder what it will look like this year with how dry we have been here in Virginia--But I will enjoy the Fall no matter what it looks like!

    I'm glad it's Friday too, and hope you have a good weekend!!

  10. I'm a Fall gril, through-and-through. Crisp air and landscapes arrayed in the most elegant of colors are equaled by so few things.

    No doubt the change in seasons will visit your blog. Can't wait to see what you have in store.


  11. I love the fall colors too. What a beautiful picture.


  12. I'm ready for the embrace of Fall and its variant of colors and cool. My favorite time of the year! I'll be seeing it from a different perspective this year, but be glad for it, nonetheless.


  13. Hi Nor! Can't wait to see what you've been up to! My blog will be changing very shortly, too! Wouldn't a trip up to see the leaves change in New England be divine? I can dream!!! That has always been one of my top three things I have wanted to do!! One of these days!!
    Love you sweetie!

  14. Yes as a native Texan I have always wanted to see these colors...maybe one day....they are so beautiful.
    Welcome fall!!!!

  15. I'm so glad it's cooling off in Texas, and fall colors are appearing, I love this season! Colorado is beautiful these days, I've been there in the fall.

    Have a good week Noreen!


  16. My brother keeps talking about going up to sit and watch the fun. One of my dreams is to make it to the Northeast someday in the fall wandering around looking for covered bridges, just drinking in all the color.

  17. I wondered where on Earth you had those colors??? lol
    not here!
    I hate to tell you this... the leaves are at their peak right NOW... like yesterday...and they are falling fast. The Elk should still be going strong. In the Park mostly.
    Wish you could just go up tomorrow and see the Peak to Peak highway. SOOOOO pretty yesterday.


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