Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musings

Morning Friends, How was your weekend? I think most of us were pretty somber on Saturday reflecting on that horrendous day nine years ago. I'm so thankful that Saturday went by without any type of attack. Saturday afternoon our sil flew out of state for a week long business trip, actually he flew out of the country and while the cat's away the mice will play, as the saying goes. After dropping him off daughter, her four girls and I headed to Flatiron Mall for a fun time of shopping and girl time. I purchased one birthday present at the Disney store but other than that just enjoyed window shopping. When we are in southern Ca. in a few weeks we will be hitting Carlsbad outlets and let me tell you that if you've never been there they are the most high end outlets I've ever seen. The public restroom is like going into a four star hotel-so very posh. Yesterday my girl,her girls and I went to a local farmer's market and it wasn't a disappointment-the organic vegetables were reasonable and I actually found some gluten free pasta there as well. After that we ran to the paint store to get more trim color and also located the medical facility where I'll be getting some tests done today. I haven't even had water since last night and I don't like going out without my teeth brushed so I'm planning on turning around as soon as it is done and heading home for coffee, breakfast and toothpaste. Hubby will start painting without me today but I'll be there soon.
Have a wonderful fall day.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. Hi! Noreen, sounds like fun to me! I wanna go to that mall! You have so much fun! I will not tell you that I am envious!! No Never, Ha-Ha:). Hope the testing goes good! and it will be better after coffee! Oh! Yeah! Have a Happy and Blessed Day!:)

  2. Morning Noreen. Hope your tests go smoothly, and you get your tummy filled right after!!! Hugs,

  3. lifting you up in prayer right now my precious Noreen!

    sounds like you had fun with your daughter - aren't girls just the greatest things?

  4. I'm with you on Saturday--I always worry that someone will try to "one up" the events of that terrible day!

    I do hope your test go well, and I hope you "get that drink" and your week goes well too!! :-)

  5. Praying for your tests (and your teeth - hee hee).
    Hugs and prayers and blessings my friend.

  6. Hey Noreen! Praying for you right now, sister!!

    As for the outlet.....OMG, when I visit my daughter, Katie in FL, we head straight out for some retail therapy in St. Augustine and Orlando!! They are the most fabulous I've every seen...just like Carlesbad....very highend....fabulous!! I think that if there are outlets in Heaven they will be just like that....outrageously over the top!!!

    Enjoy your time with your girls! Katie just went home Saturday after a two week visit and I really miss all the girl time together!!

    Blessings to you and have an abundantly blessed week!!

    Luv, Hugs and prayers!!

  7. Hi Noreen,

    Love peeking into a day in the life of Nor. I am looking forward to hearing about your So cal trip. Should be great fun. Hugging you. Love me

  8. Glad you had fun shopping. Hope you get some good results from these new tests. Have you been watching the smoke today or can you see it?

  9. Conintued prayers dear friend and believing with you for total healing in Jesus' Name
    Hugs, Ella


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