Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simply Amazing

Although this is a bit late, I wanted to share something amazing from today. I met a good friend at our town lake at noon today to walk. I really need to get out and get in shape before our vacation and it's even better when a friend will join me for a walk. When we got out of our cars, I spied a Bald Eagle on the other side of the lake. I could tell there were lots of large birds with it but when you've seen the other side of 50 yrs old, your eyesight goes a bit. Anyway, I was thrilled as I always am to see the eagle. As we got closer I remarked that I thought there were a couple of others. Turns out there were 4 on the ice; at first I thought they were fishing but my friend said maybe they were just chillin...lol. She is from South Africa and her accent always makes things funnier. I couldn't tell what the other two birds were-possibly Golden Eagles or baby eagles without the hoods. We kept walking and spotted another one in a Cottonwood tree. I am thrilled by all wildlife here and especially love this time of year when the eagles are here nesting for winter. Tomorrow morning I'm taking my hubby back, with camera, to see if they might still be there.


  1. I surely hope they are still there!! I would love to see a picture of them or even one!! I do love the wildlife so.I have seen a couple of bald eagles here at this house but never any other time.
    A full day of sunshine would help me a lot!!!!
    Sweet dreams, Fern

  2. Very exciting...hope you do get some good pictures (o:

  3. Hi Noreen,
    That is so cool, not to mention amazing, to see so many eagles in one place! My husband would be thrilled! He loves eagles. I hope you will get to see them, and are able to get some great pictures. :o)

  4. I can imagine how exciting that must be. I get thrilled when the hawks camp out in the trees near our house, so and eagle...wow. I sure hope they are there for you to get pics, but if not you have the memory of seeing those beautiful creatures.

  5. Years ago hubby and I went salmon fishing in Alaska. I couldn't believe my eyes when we encountered the Bald Eagles that shared our fishing adventure. They would swoop down, catch a fish in their talons, and then fly off to eat at their leisure. They were HUGE, and so majestic.

    Nature often captivates me, too.


  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I have never seen a bald eagle before. But 3 hours south of here where my son lives they have seen a few. I can't wait to go down so I can try to get a glimpse of these beautiful birds. Hope you get some pictures.



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