Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good morning friends~ It's Wednesday already and I was thinking about the assembling together with other believers and what a rich time one can have, whether in a church service, bible study or just having a good time together. This past weekend some friends came up for dinner and games. We had such a good time with them, we always do. Then yesterday morning our ladies group took another sweet friend out to breakfast for her birthday. Can you believe that out of four other gals there, three of us got her flowers to enjoy now and plant later. I guess we are all missing warmer weather and longing for spring. Our friend, the birthday girl, is also battling invasive breast cancer so we were able to just love on her and have lots of fun. It is so important to women to have time with other gals-to build each other up and encourage one another. I truly believe that is why the Word tells us not to forsake coming together. Today we are making another trip to the vet, our little guy hasn't been the same since he got his flu shot last week. Unfortunately, the kennel we board at requires this now. I'm beginning to wonder if all the cancer in our pets is partially due to immunizations and I know of one vet in Ca. who believes this. Hopefully, our guy will be back to normal today and it won't be any bad news.
Have a joyous day, stay warm inside and out.
Smiles, Noreen


  1. Oh I just couldn't agree more. How we need that time with our girl friends. I am so glad you enjoyed your time with yours. Hope all goes well at the vet. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Debbie

  2. Sorry to hear about your little guy after his shot and hope he feels better soon!

    How wonderful to get together with friends to celebrate like that and how special the birthday girl must have felt :o)

    Blessings Noreen to you and yours!

  3. I totally agree with you. Woman need other woman in their lives. I'm so glad you're in mine.

    Hope the vet doesn't have any bad news.

    Hugs and love

  4. Hi Nor! I have wondered the same thing about shots, but our kennel requires them, too. Praying for Reggie!

    We do so need one another! Life can be just loaded with trials and having a loving girlfriend who listens, understands and helps is an incredible blessing!! You are that friend to me sweetie!!

    Have a joyful day!
    Love you,

  5. I just love those fellowship times... and wonder why we don't make it happen more often.
    Hope your doggie feels better soon. Never knew dogs had to have flu shots. I guess they would pick up things at the kennel though.

  6. Nothing like gathering together for warm, wonderful fun and fellowship.

    Hugs, GG


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