Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From My Library

This Christmas I received two books in my stocking and of course they were my favorite authors because I picked them out myself. They were both easy to read and so thoroughly enjoyable; I've already given one daughter Cindy's book because she loves her writing as well.
Jennifer's book was added to my collection; I have all of her fiction books except the book of recipes and of course her pattern books. I met Jennifer many years ago at the Road To California quilt show. What a delightful young woman she is.

If you happen to live in snow country and can't get outside today pick up a good book and enjoy staying in. Hugs, Noreen


  1. Trying to decide between reading or quilting......already cut some blocks.....soo i think i'll read for a while....

    Stay warm.....LindaMay

  2. Morning actuall it is afternoon...
    oh my can't believe it is 12:45 and I am still in my jamies...
    yes, it is cold here!! lol
    and I am hibernating and having fun with it! I got inspired by one of the blogs and my pitcher of bougainvilla and did some tablecapes for our everyday use.
    Since I got new ones for Christmas I moved my other company dishes to the kitchen for everyday use, so it is like having new dishes in their too! So decided it was time for a new table decoration too.
    Haven't decided totally on which one yet but am having fun just trying to figure it out.
    Hope all is well with you too,
    we are reading a new book as well,
    called "you were born for this"
    by Bruce Wilkerson. We are about 5 or 6 chapter in now and it is a pretty exciting book, a lil scary too!! lol
    I am about to do some reading myself, sure a good week for it.
    I gotta get packing up these decorations soon too, so hubby can pack the tree away tonight.
    Well, good to hear from you hon
    as always. Take care and stay warm, and I sincerely mean that!! lol
    blessings hon, Nellie

  3. How I'd love to read a book for leisure. All of mine seem to be academic related. ugh. someday. read extra for me.

  4. I read the first one, haven't gotten the second one yet. I love the first author. Hugs

  5. Hi Noreen,
    I am not having problems with a different language thank the Lord.I have enough as it is with my blog. lol

    Lovely books, I love to read but I just can't seem to find the time to read anymore, Am I just getting that much slower. lol

    I have really been praying for you today!

  6. I'll have to request Jennifer Chiaverini's new book at the libray ~ I've read all the others and loved them!!


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