Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun Family Field Trips

Last Saturday hubby and I joined our oldest daughter's family for a field trip to Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum. The museum has Cockpit Demo Day the second Saturday of every month and this gave us a up close & personal look at the planes. The boys, including hubby, loved climbing aboard and looking at the cock pits. They were all enthralled to see the disabled bombs as well.

It is hard to imagine a grown man climbing into such a tight space.

The girls loved the pedal planes!

What would a museum be without Jedi and X-Wing fighters? This seems to be the boys latest interest and they wanted to just hang out there for a bit.
Throughout the morning, I could only reflect on the dedication of so many Americans who have served our country faithfully. To all those, past and present, I salute you.
Have a blessed day. Hugs, Noreen


  1. Looks like a wonderful, fun filled day. Hugs and love

  2. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. My grandsons would love this too. Glad you had a great day with all of yours. Blessings, Debbie

  3. what a fun trip! that's my kind of place. i love hands on museums!

  4. Well shoot I would love that outing myself.

    Amen to those who have and are serving our country!


  5. That's so cool. we have never been. I didn't even know about it. That's because we are from here and take it all for granite (o:

    By the way, I do not quilt, but a friend of mine does and she made that wall hanging. I will move it to another room.

  6. What fun, Noreen, beautiful grandchildren and just think of all those wonderful memories.

  7. What fun you all had!! I love to hear about family days like that!
    The only place my Dad took me was to rehearsal at the night club where he worked and I loved going. I never went any place except a dance hall with my Mom! I loved going there too. The men use to dance with me.
    Talking about the 50's being a different time!! Back than no one worried about a sexual predator!!
    At lease I never heard of one.

  8. It looks like you had a fun trip! Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  9. Noreen~~
    What a great day you all had. Terrific pictures.

  10. Noreen,
    Great times!Your grandchildren ill remember this time.

    Sweet blessings,

  11. This looks like a really cool place, if we lived closer I would be sure and take the grandkids.



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