Monday, January 4, 2010

A Song in My Heart

Happy New Year to all my friends~ Hard to believe this is the first Monday ever; boy do the days fly by. This year is full of promise and hope and all we have to do is choose it because gratitude is a choice as is contentment. So much has happened over the last week or so, since we lost our faithful dog Sadie. Never having had an older dog still at home after their companion dies, I didn't know what to expect. I'm never quite sure if Reggie's behavior is grief or is he getting sick? Needless to say my anxiety rises a bit when I worry about him. There are many dear friends who have offered me advice and kind words about dogs going through grief-I just wish you were here with me so I could know. Thank you to Miriam and also to Lynn and Becky for your insight and prayers-more for me than the dog.
So this day I am choosing to trust and hold on, to breathe deep and try to relax. I never thought of myself as high strung or tightly wound but lately I'm seeing more of those family traits than I ever wanted to have. This morning I thought it was so timely to wake up with this song on my heart and I'll be singing it all day.

I Need You More

I need You more, more than yesterday
I need You Lord, more than words can say
I need You more, than ever before
I need You Lord
I need You Lord


More than the air I breathe
More than the song I sing
More than the next heartbeat
More than anything
And Lord, as time goes by, I will be by your side
Cause I never want to go back to my old life.


Right here in Your presence is where I belong
This old broken heart has finally found a home
And I'll never be alone…Chorus…
I need you more…'cause I never want to go back

Blessings to each of you this day, be filled with hope and joy, knowing He has you in the palm of His hand.

Love to each of you.


  1. I will sing with you! Have a glorious day! Blessings, Debbie

  2. I love how He wakes you up with a song too. I'm still singing "Still" though. Same song for the past three days. But I love the message.

    Love you,

  3. Hi Beautiful Friend! I sure do wish I could be there with you, sweetie. Be strong and of good courage,Nor, and God will work everything out for you.

    Busy day here! I'll try to email tonight!
    Love you,

  4. aww, hang in there. I missed your post about Sadie i think. I'm so sorry to hear about her passing. I'll be sending prayers your way and to your other dog that's missing his pal.

  5. Thanks for the BIG print. I could read it without glasses (o:
    Beautiful song and message.
    I think the doggie just needs some time. So do you.
    Life can change so fast, that is true.

  6. Oh! Noreen, I know how tough it has been, it has been almost a year since we lost our dear Buck, and I think of him so often even found myself looking at pictures of him recently.

    I am praying for you,I am always amazed at how God sends such wonderful gifts our way such as waking up with a song of encouragement, a phone call, or visit just when we need it the most.


  7. Noreen, I am sorry about Sadie. I am sure that dogs grieve for each other too. I know one of our dogs moped around when her buddy died. She was very listless for a while.
    Amen to waking with a song!
    Hugs for feeling better soon!

  8. What a wonderful song. Just hang in there.

  9. Amen...gratitude and contentment are choices...

    Just let the songs fill your heart and know that God loves you and we do too....


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