Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo: 1/15/2010
This week we have been blessed with blue skies and sunshine. It is still somewhat cool, in the mid 40's with snow on the ground, but the promise of spring has been here and I love it. The Canadian geese are here in droves, our Bald Eagles have returned to winter with us and life is good. There is only one minor exception in our neighborhood-that of a black German Shepherd who lives at the house on the street behind ours. During the snow he must be kept in the garage or in the house because we don't see or hear him. However, now that the sun is out, the owners leave him in the yard starting about 7:30 every morning. For all who know me, you know I am a dog lover but hubby and I have always felt that to leave a barking dog unattended is a nuisance to the neighbors. This dog, who is not friendly, stands in the middle of the yard with his head looking upward and barks non-stop. I don't know whether the owners are home~I would hope they aren't or they'd be taking care of him. As dog owners, we've all had times or days when we were gone for several hours and unfortunately there are those times when a dog will bark out of boredom or just wanting to be with the family. So today I am praying for this dog that whatever is causing it to bark, non stop, all morning long will stop. The thought has occurred to me that I should just talk to the owners but I want to be understanding and not create more problems.
So I'm choosing to be thankful that I have ears to hear and that I am at home every day.
I'm off to cut fabric for the latest baby quilt and hopefully start sewing on it this weekend.
Have a blessed day.
Love, Noreen


  1. Oh bless you, a barking dog can wear on my frayed nerves sometimes something awful. I feel you have a wonderful attitude but I might be tempted, in a very nice way of course, to mention the problem to this neighbor. How wonderful that you can quilt. I have always wanted to but never have gotten into it, but how I LOVE them. Have a wonderful week-end Noreen. Blessings to you,Debbie

  2. It is annoying to hear dogs bark non-stop. Hope this dog stops. Have fun cutting material. Hugs

  3. Love the eagle
    Sorry about the dog. That can be so annoying...
    and worry some. I hate to walk past yards that have big BIG dogs jumping at the fence and trying to eat me and the little ones!!
    Did I ever tell you that I don't quilt...but friends do and that wall hanging was a gift (o:

  4. I have no patience with a barking dog either. I am a light sleeper and it really keeps me awake. Hopefully the dog will stop or the neighbors will realize how it affects their neighbors. Have fun with the quilt!

  5. That is annoying, Noreen, to have a dog barking non-stop. I pray he will stop soon. More than likely the dog is bored and the owner should take time with it.
    Hope to see your baby quilt. You are blessed with the talent to quilt.
    I wonder if there are blanket or quilt projects for the children of Haiti.
    Be blessed, my dear friend.

  6. Thank you for your prayers. God is working in this hard time. I feel peace in the waiting.

    I don't like a barking dog noise either. Hope God answered your prayers.

    Love the eagle. I took pictures of the geese this week.

    Praying for Haiti.

  7. Oh My Noreen~~ Praying with you that this dog would stop it's barking. Our dogs are barkers as soon as someone knocks on the door it last a 30 seconds and it seems like an eternity to me. I have tried every trick I have seen the "Dog Whisper" has shared to no availale. Hope your week is lovely and that you have great joy quilting!
    Hugs, GG

  8. Bless you! I know how annoying the barking dog can be. When we lived in Chattanooga, TN, we had a lovely couple behind us. They had two Irish Setters and these were kept inside most of the time but early on Saturday morning when the weather was nice, they would let them out back to play in their pool. It was usually at an hour when we had not yet gotten out of bed so it was very annoying. I know there are morning people out there but do they have to start making noise so early in the morning.
    How lucky you are to have the Eagles where you can film them.
    Mama Bear


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